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automatic qualifiers, who will
be heading in just a few weeks time. You've got two major
Champions with Presidents Cup experience and Hideki. Matsui
and Adam Scott. By the way, he'll be making his 10th
appearance at this, year's Presidents Cup to magnificent
ball Strikers and Sunjai am, and Corey, Connors and upcoming
talent in Tom, Kim, who broke through at the Wyndham, just
recently and chilies. Meet 0, / 0. So that is a pretty strong
top six at the moment, but well, perhaps not the scenario. That immelman was expecting at
the beginning of his captaincy. Don't forget a live golf
recently. Acquired those Australians cam
Smith and Marc leishman as well as chilies wacky Neiman a big
loss for the international team. As they will be banned at
from Tiara at this year's event Also earlier in the year losing Lou, you stays in at
Branden Grace as well.

So with
that, let's bring in trip trip. I
can't imagine what Trevor immelman has been through a
during this captaincy, the curve balls and the
adversity that he has had to
face. I think some of his biggest
biggest players, but the question is now, where does
he go? Do you think for his Captain's picks, Well, he's got to go in a
different direction for Trevor. I mean, he really got thrown a
curveball here that he was not expecting and look Trevor's, gonna do a great

He's gonna do everything he can. I've got confidence in
him as a captain that he's gonna do great. But if he's got
to pick these guys, I'll give you a case for the guys that I
would think he would pick. Now, some of these guys are the next guys,
down the list – the Live players that you just mentioned,
but Satan Hood second at John Deere 16th at the
sky. 12th at the BMW. So he's had some recent form.

Ryan fox has had a great year. I
mean, he won earlier this season. He's had six other toptenz besides the
wind and he's had three second-place finishes on the DP
World Tour. So he, you know, he's got the game to compete to
win tournaments cage Lee is another guy who played well
in the FedEx Cup playoffs. He had a fifth at the BMW and
before that a 20th at sea. St. Jude SI, woo, Kim. The reason
why I pick C. Woo, Kim is look.

He plays good in big
hard golf courses. He finished 15th at the open and he finished 13th at
Memorial. He likes the tough golf courses and of course he's
one of the players before. So Quail Hollow is one of those and Lucas Herbert. I think that the
reason why you pick him is, he's the best putter. He's the
best putter on the PGA tour. He's number one in Strokes
gained. Putting number one in total putty. You've got to have a great
putter in match play. I know his form. Has it been
what they would want coming in, but you got to put a good putter
on the team in match play.

Now, the other reason why
I picked our nails is you got to have some
gravitas. I know you got to go outside the box here, but I mean
you got to have somebody with some experience here. I mean other than Adam, Scott and Hideki. Matsuyama. You don't
have a lot of experience on this team and these things
are very difficult and Ernie. Els can play that role of hey we
got nothing to lose.

Let's go throw it out there. Who
cares? Now I don't think he'll play a lot if he is
picked. He'll play a lot of alternate shot because the
putter still a little shaky for The Big Easy but you know what
the ball striking still there. He's got still plenty of length
to play Quail Hollow and the other thing in for ball
If he if he can be a steady rock with
ball-striking, he can free up some of these other guys to take
some chances. So I think he would be a great It
and and you know what, I think he would put pressure on an
American playing him because you're supposed to beat it. And if he hangs around in a
match and he gets in there, now the green Miles not going to be
the finish of this tournament but The Green Mile which is 16
17 and 18 normally. Now that's going to be 13. 14
and 15 in this tournament because they've moved the holes
around a little bit. So if Verdes hanging in around that
Green Mile and he's maybe one up or to up or even just one
down makes a couple of birdies you You never know what that
could do to an American.

That's supposed to be beating him in
that could put added pressure on them. So who knows? That's a little wild
card that I threw out there that maybe Trevor might throw
out their trip. Honey, how's the Big Easy? That is genius. I think that
would be such a great choice. You, I even had to have it woman
recently just this week on a podcast saying how much of
a huge influence any else had during that 2019 captaincy down
at Royal Melbourne could a rebranding the international team with that
new logo holding the shield against their And it
kind of Started from the ground and they work their way up
again, from the very beginning and they were so close to
getting it done in 2019, it was one of the best
International performances we have seen in years. So, I am
all about flying, the NES flag in this team trip. Great
selection. Okay, well let's take a quick reminder at we, who
they will be facing because it is not going to be easy at Quail Hollow.

Let me tell you
that. This is their sixth automatic qualifiers for Team,
USA. You've got for multiple time. PGA, Tour winners, this
Season, including world, number one, Scotty Chef less Sam Burns under
shop. A three wins to their name this season. Tony
finau to wins. And then he got Patrick can't lay who's come
into some flying form towards the end of this year's season
and winning the BMW Championship and Justin Thomas
as well rounding out that top six with his PGA Championship
win this season. So my goodness drove Eisenhower. This is
curving to be quite the struggle. They won't
have the option to put wheels on a torus in there. He was
ranked seventh, but he's now withdrawn. Due to that back
injury. So what do you think? Who are the pics? Davis, Love. Just needs to go
down the list. Now, he does have one little
issue after his Alatorre says, you
said, if it's outdoors was in there, you just go down the list
but he's got some guys that that again column or cow a Cameron
young Jordan, Spieth Max home ability or they were going to be
picked and they would have been the picts had.

They not Wills Alatorre has
been part of that because that will
towards would have been one of those picks. The reason why I've got to skip
over Tom Hoagie and JT post. No, Fence to them, JT postage
played very well since his wire-to-wire win at John Deere
and Hoagie. Of course. One, the AT & T is you got to have a guy like
Kevin Kisner the match. Play, he finished
second in match play this
season. He, it parentally plays great in
that plus, he's played great in presidents cups. Remember
what he did at Liberty National? He was a star. I mean
he was so tough. He is so gritty and he's a cat kind of a
Carolina's boy. I mean he's got that South Carolina, Southern
ass. Aspect to him and and he's played well at Quail Hollow. In
fact, he finished seventh at the PGA here in 2017, so I would throw Kisner out

I think he deserves this
pick based on his match, play resume
alone, but Davis love has the easiest
choice of any Captain. I could imagine it at this, at this
point. Yeah, he is absolutely spoiled for Choice. Cameron,
young as well. What a rookie year that will be for him as well. And I love
Kevin Kisner. He's just that sort of that little nipping, dog
that will nip it. Your heels and match play and will
not go away. It's just, he will not give up. So, yeah, they are
looking very strong indeed wheelchair and woman's picks for
the international team. They will be coming tomorrow. We
will have it here on Golf Center..

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