VW Volkswagen Golf 6 Cabrio von Schuco in 1:43 | Modellauto Diecast Review

Hello dear model car friends. Today it's about the VW Golf from the
Schuco company in 1/43 as a convertible. Stay tuned. Yes hello guys, welcome back to a
new video of me. Today I present you the Golf Cabrio made by
Volkswagen as a miniature from the Schuco company in 1/43. And right from the start, the car has
a relatively special status for me and my girlfriend We had
borrowed this vehicle as a rental car for a vacation and were absolutely thrilled with this vehicle. And I actually think it's a shame that
this car is not available as a 1/18 model. Let's take a look at the packaging first. As I said, von Schuco is relatively unspectacular. Here are the data again, the color is pure
white. As I said, black packaging and we'll have a look
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So and here the good model is unpacked. As I said, let's take a look at the front. Typical of golf, that's the Golf 6, meanwhile
the Golf 8 is already available. However, I have to say in terms of design
, VW got the best out of the Golf. It is definitely a very good recognition value,
the middle stripe here is very nicely done, the chrome strip, the grill. The lights go very well with it too, here
it even has fog lights and the side is also very distinctive.

It's basically a Golf without a roof. But it looks very, very attractive in
my opinion. Rims also fit relatively well here. Here we can still see that the car is
limited to 1000 pieces and now it's coming we to the rear view. And I have to say that is mainly the reason
why I think the Golf 6 is the best. So not only but that is definitely
one of the reasons. In my opinion, the stern is extremely
well done. Especially the lights in combination with this
shape as such. Also very nice as a convertible in my opinion
. Down here you can still see the exhaust holes
and I would say we'll see each other the car from the inside.

One thing is the shortcoming here with the model
that features this red. It's not mine now, I'll say. But of course there are people who
don't think that's bad at all. As I said, I would appreciate it if the
car was now gray or light gray or beige decor. Or black with light fittings, but maybe
that will come soon. In any case, let's take a look at the interior now
. And I think that has also been implemented well
by Schuco.

We can see the vents,
the radio here and the one here Center console of the gear lever is also recognizable. The seats have been implemented true to the original. Unfortunately, you can't pull out the top,
but then it's not a convertible in that sense how to place it but open
it is much nicer. The paintwork is also very well implemented, I see it
right now, I definitely really like it very good the model. Whats your opinion. Would interest me.

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again next time. With a new model car maybe a
1/18. Lately a lot of 1/43 came. I think this will definitely come as a surprise
, this is a new model that can do so much I already betray you. So do well until then. Ciao!.

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