What's up guys welcome back to golf simulator 
videos we have a wild video for you today we're   here with a vr golf simulator so what 
it actually is is it's this oculus quest   2 vr headset i have it connected to one of the 
controllers are connected to a real golf club all   right grip and we're going to play the golf plus 
golf simulator software from oculus and it might   not be from oculus probably from a certain brand 
because it's actually sponsored by topgolf and   pga and pro put but it's inside the oculus library 
everyone keeps asking me you know how realistic is   a vr golf simulator uh you know how accurate is a 
vr golf simulator well it's virtual reality it's   not real golf right so i mean i'm sure it can get 
close but how close can it actually be well i've   only been messing with it for a few minutes but 
i'll tell you what this thing's pretty amazing   so let's go ahead and launch our software i 
want to talk about a few things as we get going   i'm in the gsv studio a huge golf simulator i 
have plenty of room make sure if you're going to   do this you have plenty of room i actually drew 
a border that's your safety net if you were to   walk out of that or leave that it actually stops 
uh you know it actually lights up so you have to   have a big space so it doesn't stop in the middle 
of the game if you're swinging outside of that   um i noticed that was a big deal i'm also casting 
my video and audio to my computer it's going to be   a lower quality than you guys are seeing you can 
see the logos there from topgolf pga et cetera but   i want to make sure you guys know that the audio 
and video are coming to the computer via wireless   so they're going to be lower quality but i thought 
it'd be a better experience showing a wide screen   and everything there were a few different ways 
to do it and i thought that would be the best so   i'm actually going to uh go to the menu because 
i was actually out on a course messing around   so first thing first let's go to practice 
and i'm just going to go to the clubhouse   all right so we'll go to the main 
clubhouse for golf plus and then from here   i'll do some driver we'll do some chipping 
some putting but like look how crazy this is   so like here we are i can actually recenter 
myself this is really cool how you do this   so now i'm re-centered i'm looking at the range i 
have this menu why is there a video playing well   i'll bring up the menu really quick and show you 
there's a full-blown media player inside of here   it's crazy you can play all different playlists 
of things you can listen to golf lessons and   watch golf lessons like watch if i turn this 
up i don't want to get a copyright strike but   so let's turn this up for a second hit play 
like you can literally watch your favorite   like you know music video and everything while 
you're going so i can mute it and leave it going   i just don't want to get a copyright strike for 
uh you know any of the audio so um so here we are   we're out at the range first thing you want to do 
if you're using a grip like this is go to settings   go to controls go to custom if 
you're using a custom one like i   am and it allows you to basically set up and 
make sure that everything feels normal and   once it does you just hit trigger and you're 
good to go all right you place your ball down   like this and grip it and rip it really 
you just can't swing super fast if i ever   miss it in the video you'll know that i was 
swinging too fast is what i found because   it whips the controller too fast but let's 
just go ahead and make a nice smooth swing looks like a little bit of a fade 
or slice there what's it doing   i'll see i swung plenty fast 171 ball speed but 
now here's where it gets interesting everybody   talks about realism and everything 
like look how crazy this clubhouse is   i can warp all around i'll show you 
guys things that's really cool so just   you know hover over for a new ball let's go 
ahead and close the club face a little and   try to swing a little bit from the inside can i 
straighten this thing out or almost draw the ball i'd say i corrected it pretty 
well another good one 168.   all right let's do one more i'll try 
to close that club face even more   and see if i can get this thing maybe 
even working a little bit to the left there we go i mean this is crazy isn't it you can 
see the club face and what i'm doing um so you can   warp around you can actually like go over here 
i'll show you this golden bear you can you know   walk around there's like always different things 
and you know different areas and stuff like that   but let's go back here and let's go down to this 
little practice facility all right perfect that'll   be like you know it's kind of a difficult short 
chip to show you i'm going to pull up my menu i'm   going to select lob wedge and i'm going to place 
a ball down somewhere like here all right and   i think i'm still oriented decent you can always 
re-center yourself by holding a which i think is   something to to know and understand so if you 
look up it shows you how far everything is 30   feet uh it's uphill a little bit there and it's 
breaking you know right to left so let's say you   wanted to just do like a little chip almost 
like a bump and run see what that looks like i knew it was going to run way uh way to the right 
that was pretty close but let's say you wanted to   do a little more of like a flop so i opened 
my stance up i open the face up is it going   to read this properly is the question oh yeah 
it is a little too much we can try another one ah still a little too much this is where it 
comes in where you're gonna have to understand   you know the actual speed that the clubhead's 
going so probably something like that   there you go isn't that crazy though 
you can control the face and the ball   goes different ways let's aim a little bit 
this way now and do a little bit of a flop i just need the ball to kind of go start that way 
a little bit i mean this is just wild just wild so   chip one right at the pin here 
oh gotta go harder than that   see how the low one actually doesn't 
take off as much as the high one does there we go oh right at the pin so i mean i just 
think that's amazing like let's say let's say   we wanted to hit one farther out 26 yards out 
there a little more of a normal chip 26 yards just a little too far this is crazy all right 
i want to go out and play some real golf i want   to show you guys what this is all about um 
so i can clear shots if i want to there goes   all the balls and everything but let's go to 
menu let's go to single player there's your   topgolf range and everything i mean this 
is a lot to show you guys in one video um   i have it on practice mode because i was out 
checking some things out so it's on practice mode   and i was looking at hole two i thought it'd 
be the perfect one this green speed fast i   feel like it's way too fast i'll show you guys but 
let's just go ahead and start go out to the hole   and play a hole for you guys and then we can 
adjust things or show you something different but   i don't want to make it a marathon video i 
always try to keep them realistic links i   want to give you guys this first look at vr 
you know golf simulators but i mean this is   crazy you're going to have to get used to it 
all i've had it for an hour you know i'm kind   of getting used to everything but um so my ball 
is not perfectly centered what am i going to do   i'm actually going to just kind of set up and 
i'm just going to hit this button to re-center   and then now i'm completely re-centered and 
i'm good to go so i need to swing away this   is a part 5.

I got to get this thing down there 
so let's make a good swing not too fast of course oh i didn't close that face down though but at 
least i got it down there and that's not too bad   i only carried 240 but it rolled way out   so i got really good roll out you can actually 
go up and see the ball rolling and finishing so   that's where it finished i'll try to do that 
sooner on this shot and you'll be able to see   let's go ahead and make sure this is where i want 
it all right i can just hit this v center looking   inside yeah we should be good um now if i wanted 
to aim i can hit b and you can actually change   where you're aimed it's right at the pin right now 
um let's say i want a little more spin on that so   i could just kind of go to high spin let's say i 
wanted to kind of fade it in there just a little   bit well i could just hit fade a little bit and 
fade it in there and let's see how this goes   let's go all right 176.

It's a 185 club so 
that's pretty good to hit the fade in there oh man that could be really good why didn't i 
hit the thing to watch it i forgot to hit it   we'll play another one so i can show you guys you 
can actually follow the ball in the air from like   up above not a bad shot so this is for eagle this 
is where it gets tough though so i'm going to look   up at 17 feet you can see it's breaking right to 
left watch how you have to hit a 17 foot clutch   it's not the easiest in the world 
17 feet saw how it was breaking look at that it was way too much 
because i kind of like yipped at it   so i can follow the ball rolling down this is 
this is where it gets tough is the putting in   my opinion so it's 12 feet it's a tiny bit 
uphill there's the break just got to get   smoother with the putter i noticed if you 
like kind of like yip at it it hates that   oh i nailed it that was for birdie so 
that was a much better stroke you know   for the speed of the green so it's that 
sensitivity it's not that it's unrealistic   i feel like it's more like the sensitivity um 
so i can go to a new hole now let's uh here's   a par three let's check out a part three i want to 
show you guys what it's like flying so um i got a   162 club it's only 151 and it's downhill so let's 
pull this up again and let's hit a fade in there   let's make sure it's a high spinner all right 
big old fade and let's see if that's the play   i'll remember to hit the targets or 
my trigger so you guys could see it hit that trigger look it from up above i can let 
go and i can hit it again and i can even hit it   again oh and see it checked up that's a pretty 
good shot i think i'm getting used to this i mean   i only have 20 some swings under my belt here but 
i think i'm getting used to this hit my trigger   again to go to my ball it's a downhill putt 15 
feet breaking just a little bit to the right   all right i know how i have this this just 
sensitive very very sensitive this is crazy go in oh that was just a little too hard i 
think it had a chance i can make this though   5.4 feet was that cottonwood flying around 
look how you can look around the golf course   isn't that crazy so i got my music video 
playing smart little marshmallow 5.4 feet and   what is that it's kind of right at it trigger 
to hit make sure it's activated before you go let's make this let's make this for car boom nailed it made par so birdie and par i'd 
say that's pretty sweet all right i want to   show you guys topgolf because this is crazy 
the only thing about topgolf is that you'll   you'll find is you can't use a custom controller 
it must be just like a different piece of the   software because i just went in there really 
quick to see it and it took me through a tutorial   and the club was was not right so i mean i 
could hold it up here and show you guys see   and i can hit a shot just to show 
you but see i'm holding it up here   but look at this this is crazy isn't it they 
have cornhole you can go over there and you   can play cornhole and stuff um i mean this 
is wild so let's just hit a shot really quick i just can't use my grip so it's really 
kind of weird oh that wasn't bad though   now check this out just just like topgolf 
you just wave it and it comes back down   try to hit one more this is a 
little difficult there we go oh almost in the center see how no balls coming 
out wave it there it is so let's go back to the   clubhouse now i mean there's every look at 
this the island pitch pong that's what i was   talking about you can go over and do different 
things they have practice top pressure top drive   i mean this could be a ton of fun and you can play 
with other people online so it says join with room   code you can create a room or they could join you 
there's pro pot and then there's uh the clubhouse   i can show you guys pro plot really quick um so 
it takes you out to another piece of software   essentially called pro pot and it's kind of like 
a putt-putt course so it'd be great for like kids   and family members and everything like that so 
um this is what it looks like welcome to pro putt   i really have a beautiful day in the course 
wait can't wait to get you out there i mean   first let's take a minute it definitely needs   now choose whether you'll be putting right-handed 
or left-handed hit the trigger with the controller let's go ahead and pro putt uses only one 
controller yeah please set the left so i   haven't gone through any of this so essentially 
i mean it's gonna take me through all this so   i'm gonna hit my oculus menu i'm gonna go to quit 
and it's gonna take me back to my oculus kind of   home base i didn't really show you guys around 
this but that's the home base so if i wanted to   go back to golf plus i could do that right there 
but i figured i would exit out um i'm going to   leave this on because it's my microphone i took 
it off the very first time i was testing this out   and i noticed the audio was gone so this has been 
vr golf i mean a vr golf simulator i can't wait   to hear you guys think i'll be honest with you i'm 
impressed i mean it's pretty cool it's fun i mean   i could see how this could start to get integrated 
more is it real golf i mean no you don't have a   golf club you're not hitting a ball but you saw i 
was adjusting like face angles and everything and   this is crazy i mean it gets people in the golf 
you know more environments uh you know interaction   things like that people want to play real golf 
i love it for that i mean i really do so comment   below let me know what you think i appreciate the 
suggestions that everybody sent to you know cover   a vr golf simulator i mean it is a golf tech 
channel and so anything golf tech we're going   to cover so i mean always make those suggestions 
shoot me an email after looking to purchase a golf   simulator anything along those lines make sure 
you shoot me an email i love helping everybody   out appreciate you guys watching as always stay 
tuned we have some really good stuff coming soon.

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