[waPSH!] Top o' the mornin' to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and… what the golf? That's what this game is. I don't really know a whole bunch more about it, but the GIFs about this game look hilarious. It– it's a golfing
game, but it's completely wacky and crazy and weird, so I'm VERY very excited about that, but here it says "click and hold near ball". Move to aim, release to start. Hold on… Can I hit the horse? Oh! Okay, hold mouse button to aim. Right, this seems… this seems pretty… normal– So this game is like- this is like a demo of this game. it's up to be kick-started or… Crowdfunded or whatever. right now that
you can go and actually… support the developers to see if you want this game being made. But… I am going… Boosh. BOOSH! …Balls. Alright, alright I can do it again. [Golf club hits] [Gentle clapping] Hole! Okay is that- heh What? I want to see
what these cats are doing.

What are you guys up 'ta? You guys just hanging out? [Cat mews] Okay, well I can knock over the cats. <laughs> Haha… That's not a real cat! That's a FAKE cat! Ohhh, now I actually have a golfer. Oh, okay. I don't actually need to get it in the hole, I just need to hit the flag. [Jack laughs] Ohhhh! the golfer is the ball! Ohhhhhh I get it now, it's HUMAN golf! The ultimate blood sport. Nice, hit it, hit it, hit i- You're on the green, my sir! He's just chillin' out, he's just hanging out.

Okay, here you go… *pole smack impression*
AHH! My face! But we did it. Oh my god am I golfing a fuckin' house? Oh my god!
Okay, go, go crush the cars. Yes! ♪Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah I cut the Marty Dahmer see.♪
this is the weird thing about the game. Oh my god. Which is my ball?
Oh, I'm firin' the club. *Laughs* Oh, that's quirky and fun. I like that! Uh,
this is like, oh god, this is like golf with your friends in a way cuz that-that allows you to have like dodecahedron balls and stuff like that. So that-Oh
Fuck! So, it's not like proper golf. It's quirky fun golf.
This ain't your grand mom's golf. This is real super golf. Hole! I don't, I don't get
it in. I just get hole. Oh god, what's my ball. It's all the clubs together? Ha ha! A
hole in two. You did it. Okay, it's a box here. What's in the box? It's a box of
balls. Oh my god.

This box of balls is very heavy.
I need the balls to get out. There we go that should fucking do it.
*Power Throw* Hello Boxy Brothers. It is me, box! Here to hole, yet again. Hole-in-one?
That's clever. I'm actually golfing the hole. I'm hitting the hole into a 1. The 1 is the
hole. So it's a hole going into a 1. It's a hole in one. *Badoosh* Oh my god! This game is fucking ridiculous. *hahoo* Okay, look at the cute dog waiting for his toast. I didn't
mean to do that… Aww.

Yay! He got the toast but I gave him a
heart attack and now he's dead. Oh Jesus! "With some balls, you can shoot all the
time." What? Oh, ohhhhh… SUPER HOT! SUPER… Oh, please tell me I can kill children.
*geez Jack* Probably not the, the best sentence
I've ever said. Oh, the children want to kill me… Oh no, oh, go away demon children. Oh yeah, oh yeah, I'm a fucking skilled magician
at this. Ain't no fucking kid's gonna gonna stop me. You gonna learn
today. Oh, you gonna learn today Oh crap, oh crap, No! He's the smelly kid.

OH! Baited with ease! Oh, that's it?
46 strokes… I have finished in less before. Wait, these are extra levels. Fig
fun! Uhm, I'm shooting a fig now. Okay,
I get it. Even though you're a fig, but you kind of look like the drops that
come down on Google Maps. Who uh, four. Hello fig… Oh shit! He's
gonna fire 50- Oh no, OH NO! They're stuck to me. Oh shit! Oh, can I make a giant one? Oh yeah, give me those giant balls. Okay, these fly
all over the place. It's so much calamari-domacy or just calamari in
general, I guess. Oh yeah… oh yeah- Oh no, oh no. Okay, not so hard. Oh, there we go.
You don't want a stroke too hard. When you stroke too hard bad things will happen…

*and how do you know that Jack?* *Earlier* 46 strokes, I have finished in less before Uhh, okay. God, this is confusing. Okay, go! Knock down the thing! Yes, now I have the power! "I am big fig ball. Hello, people of non-fig town. It is me, big fig ball." I look like a fig abomination. No, no, no! Yes!
PerFIGly done. Wait, that was just fig fun, cluster putt. So, why is just there-
what about Super Putt? *clap* There's more levels. He taking away the levels from me. Okay, do I have to knock you over? Here you go sir, here you go sir. Oh… now it's Super
Hot. SUPER PUTT! Oh, I can shoot! That's so awesome! *That Laugh*
Oh, man. That'll show you what an effect SuperHot has had on the gaming industry.

Uh oh, okay. Shoot you but I'm going this way. OOHH!! That's
so cool! Yeahess! -putt! SuperPutt! Oh, more levels. Yes! This is
fucking genius. Who would have thought SuperHot and golf could have gone
together so well, like ham and cheese, like Lionel and Richie. NO!!! My perfectly,
fragile, porcelain boy. Okay Okay(2x) Okay(3x) Okay(4x) Oh shit, oh shit! Don't do it! Okay(5x) Okay!!!(6x) *Expert Commentary* It's not gonna get him
Yes! FUCK! Oh, nut balls HOOH! *New Sound?* HOOH!(2x) *Not again…* The best at this game. Watch… son of a nipple! Okay(7x) *Again?* Okay(8x) Okay(9x) *Wow, okay* Ahh, I didn't get the gun! I didn't get the gun,
I don't need the gun! I'm the best anyway! Come on… Take- Ohh, so good. One more- Yeah!! This is the shit, man. Aww, that was shit mah-han! Wait, if I do this, get you, shoot you and GO! Nice! This is
how we do it.

Uhh, what? I can't shoot anything Fuck! Okay(10x) *He's back* NOOO!!! I can do it. I can do it.(2x) I can do it.(3x) I can do it.(4x) Just get- get out of the way! Damn it! Man, dude has laser shots! Dude has laser focus! I don't really mess with him. I think that's good, I think that's
good, I think that's good. Is that good? Yes! *Power Throw*. Love the calm music
in the background. That's not gonna hit him. That's not
gonna hit him at all. Uh oh… Yes! Yes!(2x) Yes!(3x) *You Moanin'?* strength and speed and great looks. Oh god, oh god, oh god. Is that on him? Is that on him. Did I get him?
Doesn't matter and SuperPutt! Ohh man… That's fun. NO! Wait, ClusterPutt! *Gasp* Yes, yes I'm just hanging on.

Jeez, okay I thought the fig one and then I because
I thought the coaster one was the cluster of figs. Oh, mother of god. Oh No Oh No away a voice sandwiched in
between I can't see I just spit all over my screen oops I can't see where I am I'm so sticky okay there you go I need
to fail the level right okay what you want to do is go a little bit and then
go a little bit and then go a lot there you go this is how we're gonna do it now
good this is going to be difficult oh no okay I'm still stuck okay bye
I broke the level beautiful I always love it when I can break a game okay so
if we go oh nice ahh so hang it on by that teeny tiny little booty baby boy I
love it I love it I dig it okay now survive survive survive you
oblong piece of garbage yes I'm on the top top of the world lookin down on
creation any nice that's good that's good we're gonna get to victory
on this one guys guys guys today I have to go left sort
of a bitch okay I got it though I got it oh I got the angles down watch oh I got
driven over oh I'm so sorry little boy oh no you can't do it if you're not on
top thats what she said ah yes no y-you don't your boy at repair is here to look after
you wait wait gonna take care of you you're
fucked up weird boy okay okay I need to be on that front left one that's where I
need to be that's where all the cool kids are fucking whole thing slows down
when I do this I mean I guess that makes sense that makes it a lot easier for me
too oh no oh no this worked perfectly before I don't need your stupid game Shh
no one tell the driver that I'm here I'm just holding on I'm a stowaway this is
where my journey goes oh no oh no don't hate this game I hate this fucking game
this is not gonna work what am I supposed to do from here where
am I supposed to go what are you falling off what okay okay
screw that level I can't do that one Jesus Christ
okay well that does it for this video on what the golf really fun idea I kind of
just like golf games anyway there's something therapeutic about playing them
but when you add all this wacky weirdness into it I love it
and look weird silly physics and weird concepts and ideas and it reminds me a
lot of Katamari and I like it a lot the whole package is very nice the art style
is very nice and just my kind of game silly dumb fun but for now oh also I
shouldn't end it right here again you can go support them on Feig they are up
on a website where you can go and help them out and fund their game and then
we'll have a full game to play eventually hopefully baby
I don't know but really really cool idea but
thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it punch that like
button in the face like a boss and face the road thank you guys silly dudes I'm gonna die in the heat in here

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