Szybszy niż Aventador 0-300 km/h | VW Golf II 1.8 Turbo 860HP #dragproject

trip to the competition weekend 2200 kilometers competition first day Slovakia Trencin Saturday we hit a breakdown We go to Imielin Dawid and Lukasz repair the car The next day, Sunday We are at the competition in the village of Wilcze Laski Nice trip Over the weekend 2000/2200 km several times We went on such "trips" worship we're in Silesia Today in the footage we have Paul and his Golf How much horsepower does it have? 860 HP plus nitro 100/120HP this season ? yes power always oscillated between, to ? Let's look back at the last two years For the last two years, we've been holding this line from 760HP and up What was that from? We changed the turbocharger for a bigger one last time What is the reason for this change? change for the sake of more power ok, more power, better time not necessarily more power is a better time but not in a 1/4-mile race somewhere where we have a longer distance and on street tires we are able to use that power worth mentioning you're one of the few athletes who uses every single competitor every single straightaway competition Are you racing the 1/4 mile, plus what other distances? 1/4 mile 1/2 mile 1 kilometer On ice, frozen lake we know that we failed last time Yeah, we did some riding But we didn't manage to complete the plan What happened Paul? I don't know, I think we finished the adventure that's a sad thing to say we'll see If he looks for the device, we'll check the compression.

We have a flat tire In the worst case, we have to change tires There's no point in moving anything now it might be that the engine has no compression we will have to put on normal tires and get on the tow truck Let's talk about engine modifications Where did this power come from? What was modified? How much more can you afford? what you're planning, but let's focus on what's there now earlier we had the Schrick rollers From the 2021 season onwards we have the CatCams rollers head machining in Dziak Motorsport company Everything possible that technology gives was done channels in the form of a "golf ball" larger intake valves bigger exhaust valves What unit is this? 1800cc Turbo, 20 valves 150HP as standard reamed out? Yeah, drilled to 2000cc Engine block was left in series? No, nothing was left in series the block is stronger, from the diesel AGU head, wide duct all components in the engine forged And the crankshaft? we had a forged crankshaft but it broke which rarely happens Now we also have a forged shaft but a serial product it wasn't manufactured, it was just taken from a serial car So it's an OEM product? Yes, it's already reinforced by itself ok, exhaust manifold ? intake manifold ? exhaust and intake is CUSTOM BY TURBO LAMIK ram, parallelogram what kind of turbocharger do we have? At this point we have the fourth compressor already installed Garrett GTX4202R Are you satisfied with it? Compared to the previous turbocharger Garrett 3582R Then there was 3584RS I have to say that I am satisfied I'm getting up to the same level and the turbocharger potential is much greater with the previous, smaller compressors we had to have a much bigger exhaust and here we have the smallest one on this turbocharger The boost is the same as before? On previous turbochargers we had 2.5 bar here currently we have 2.8 bar Probably about 150 HP was added due to the higher boost and compressor change Yes, 100 HP was added What fuel do you run on? E85 available from the filling station What kind of injectors? what is the fuel system, if you could tell us about it I've got three fuel pumps SWIRLPOT with a capacity of 2 liters 2 Bosch pumps model 044 They are pumping fuel from the SWIRLPOT to the engine one pump that feeds the fuel between the SIWRLPOT and the original fuel tank which it keeps filling up What is the capacity of the injectors? Bosch 2200cc injectors dual fuel rail So you have 8 injectors? it is possible to put in 8 We have tested There was a season when we drove with 8 injectors although Lukasz said that there might be a problem with slow revs with the engine alignment After the tests, we found that it could be done we gave up on 8 injectors and now we are driving on 4 but we have a reserve we can insert another 4 injectors at any time is it not necessary at the moment? No, the system is still working fine The brakes at the front are from an Audi S2 dual piston brake calipers 288 millimetre disc diameter This is the maximum size that will go in to stay with the 15 inch rim size in order to be able to mount a DRAG tire A lot of these tires are just coming out in 15 inch sizes for the 1/4 mile, we have a tire on TOYO R888 15 inches 235 wide I rode this specification all the time 9-inch rim width in 2021, we changed to a 16-inch rim because 16 , it came out at 255mm A little bit wider We wanted to test whether the extra 2 cm of width would work we will get more traction – i ?
– Unfortunately not did not improve anything performance is identical Along with the wheel width, there is more weight 5 kilograms more per wheel what we gained in wheel width we have lost weight The car has become 10 kilograms heavier this season, as long as these tires last they won't wear out I will ride 16s and then put 15 inches on The car is lower on 15 inch wheels is the size between a 15 inch and a 16 inch wheel Does it matter between 200-400 meters? Can you feel the difference? Does the car drive better? Are you covering this distance faster? I didn't pay attention to that The circumference of the wheel is similar We wanted the width to have a better grip but the traction control that I have RACE TCS It works very well And he's limiting that power for us on the distance we are riding 400 meters the car doesn't have the power that is declared sport traction control is limiting this power yes, you can drive to the finish line with the ignition cut out yeah, yeah we can see in this example that there is more power than we need it gives us a lot of headroom, you could say there were some competitions where the intake system fell off after 200 meters Despite this, the car was still very much driven and it was able to reach the finish line first and win Your power is related to this that you're not just racing the 1/4 mile You mentioned that you race the 1/2 mile And for this distance, this power works Yeah, that's right At this distance there is already room to use this power A car from 200 km/h to 250 km/h accelerates in under 3 seconds from 200 km/h to 300 km/h in less than 10 seconds What about 100-200 while we're at it? under 5 seconds on a well prepared track on road tires R888 approximately 4.5 / 4.6 seconds Great, and 0-100 km/h? we have to split that 0-100 on a normal road that would be within 4.5/4.6 seconds if we go to a good track For example, the track in Piła We are able to go 4.0 / 4.1 seconds on the R888 tire? Yes, we're still talking about the same tire just different external conditions when I put on the DRAG tire, full slick I am able to go down to 3.2 / 3.3 seconds It's worth mentioning, because we didn't say that You are racing in the STREET rWD TURBO class Yes, that's right FWD, FWD TURBO aaaaaaaa, I'm checking if you're alert We had a chance to fight each other for the podium many times yes I have a video from Olsztyn, I never told you about this I tried to distract you, I honked at you I couldn't hear, it was too loud I could still hear the beep then Is the interior of the car original? no sports seats? no From the outside, it looks more aggressive than the series that's why we left the interior, we didn't touch anything there are some plastics missing certainly an eye catcher, the gear stick and you didn't mention that Yes, the gear stick is automatic As for the gearbox We went through all the variants Yes, I know your story, the audience would probably love to hear it at the beginning, a serial gearbox then serial after modifications in order to match the gear ratio to the performance of the car Then the DOGBOX was put on the so-called canine box – We tested
– Did you use the clutch pedal? without the clutch There was also a sequential shift lever Unfortunately, it did not work properly either This was the period when I was able to overtake you You had a lot of problems with the gears Yes, exactly I was able to achieve power efficiently we had the right tires But there was a problem with the power transmission for a long time How do you compare these times? With the stock gearbox? With the sequential gearbox? Do you remember? Yes, I remember.

Class record I drove with a manual gearbox Class record, at that time? Yes, back then, I broke David's record already 5 years ago I wonder what he would say if he was here today? Yeah?! That's right. We did this record on the manual transmission for the next year We did it with a time of 11.34 I set myself a goal I will try to be the first in class to go 10 seconds for the whole season We did everything we could to do it with manual gearbox This proved to be impossible in the given time, under the given conditions in the following season the goal was the same to do 10 seconds We swapped the serial gearbox components and we installed the clutch gearbox We managed to improve the time by about 0.2 seconds We were within 11.1 seconds But it still wasn't 10 Was it in Poland? Yes, in Poland 11.1 I think we did it in Trencin in Slovakia you could say The grip is comparable with Pila It's a very nice concrete surface one of the best airports at the moment apart from the airport in Piła So 11.1 was on the DOGBOX? 11.1 on DOGBOX very frequent crashes most people who drive on DOGBOX they drive in AWD configuration that is four wheel drive for me, it was just the front and a street tire traction problems it turned out That was the problem because of that, we're losing grip all the time gear shifting has become a problem as we hit the gears when the mechanism connects the tires must not lose grip The car must be able to propel itself it was impossible The car was losing grip You couldn't shift gears or the turbocharger was out of commission? The design of the gearbox is such that a gear will always go in But in the meantime, something got bent something broke It can be said that the car arrived after each competition The gearbox had to be pulled out to see what was wrong to reinforce these elements and off we went to the next competition And this way we drove the whole season I suspect that there will be another season and we would have consolidated everything that was possible all the weaknesses would have been fixed and it would drive as it should but I found that by fitting the DSG gearbox I'm going to jump on that right away Was this your idea? Or did someone encourage you? That was the time when you could see that DSG would be a good choice and it's going to make the time go down a lot at this point The fastest European car was the GOLF I German competitor who was equipped with a DSG gearbox was he a model? showed that it works and can have the desired effect? Yes showed that it could be done And what year was that? In 2020 did you put the DSG on? ooooooo, I have to count it I think it was earlier I think it was 2019 There were already first trials with DSG back then What are you plugging in? Now I'm connecting the steering wheel so traction control, nitro, DSG paddles we can drive in peace Now we have S-mode Grandpa's driving 10 seconds came in the first DSG season ? right away? The first 10 we did in Piła But it was more of a second season It's not enough to take the serial DSG to translate, to install and it will carry the drive It will be trouble-free It took us a good part of the season to prepare the gearbox for the power that we have it was fun yes, looking for and strengthening weak elements replacing them with stronger counterparts was the change in your opinion accurate? yes as of today, rather yes there is no other alternative What is your current record? My current record is We have to divide this word again on a sticky track ET 10.74 on a street tire 10.84 in Poland in Piła 10.075 on drag / full slick The car is about 0.6 seconds faster if we use the DRAG / full slick specification tire Was the DRAG tire in Poland or abroad? in Poland – In Piła, surely?
– In Piła! ok, so there's a big difference between the tires yes, it is big this time, the best in Poland, which we achieved 10.8 We managed to do it once, under certain conditions You could say going to a competition we can say that the car will go around 11 seconds That is 11 seconds under all conditions If we have a favourable wind Very well prepared track temperature , and others We are able to go 10.8 / 10.7 we haven't built a car from scratch I bought the car already as a finished project if you like Yeah, I know, "from me" yes, from your pages you could say – from Peter, I think
– yes from Peter exactly Greetings to Peter He came from Gdańsk He already had some power, he was somehow prepared We already had a base it had the turbocharger from the EVO td05 Generated 330 horsepower and 370 Newton meters With this car, I came to LAMIK TURBO he tuned it his own way adding the sensors cosmetics without any major input to the car after modification with 330 horsepower it became 400 HP and from 370 NM, we got 500NM We drove through the season on this specification Modifying it from 400 to 420HP / 460 HP We switched to ethanol on ethanol We reached 500 HP on this turbocharger Then came the nitro – On the TD05?
– On TD05, we came to on the compressor alone without ethanol We reached 500HP A decent result everything that was possible was done to achieve this power NITRO happened and with NITRO, we shot up to 620 HP.

That's when we went that time 11.34 We beat Dawid Lamik We said that was the limit I'll give you a break David built you a car to beat him? That's right, he built a car that was able to beat his time/record we found that we reached the limit turbocharger and all the rest The car was built… we could put that one away to buy the bare bodywork and build another one everything that is in this car is changed from the 620 HP which were at that time – But this is no longer the body, is it?
– it is That's the body The body is left but all the parts are inside -have been replaced
– but I think the color is different? Did you paint it? yes, it's varnished the previous one was pudding-coloured The car was blue It was covered with foil How did you get started with the 1/4 mile? In 2014, I think I took my Audi A6 diesel Theoretically, the car is not suitable for parallel racing completely unsuitable for the 1/4 mile the car is after CHIP TUNING with 230HP as standard has 280HP 570 NM and I went to a competition on Sunday to Kamień Śląski which is 40 kilometers away from me It just so happened that it was raining and it was very wet and Paul had a chance And the Audi drive is quattro the class I started in It was a DIESEL with no drive split front, rear, and quttro drove together with a time of 15.6, I think I managed to qualify for the finals but the first, second, third competitor They rode within 12 seconds But as I mentioned, it was raining The organizer decided not to stop the race As soon as it stopped raining the competition continued so the fight for to advance to the final I won against an athlete who was 12 seconds behind in qualifying.

But because the track was wet it's four-wheel drive I managed to win with him In the final, unfortunately, I already lost First there was the semi finals and everyone made it Then came the finals so the airport had time to dry out And for the final, that's 15 seconds away It ended like this I drove the family car and I came back from the first competition with a second place as of today This is how drag racing has developed that with a time of 15 seconds There is no way I can come back with a good place I don't agree Unfortunately, there are crashes and it happens that people with worse times I'm not saying that the slowest Because everyone is fast according to their abilities But those with slower times compared to their rivals they can win Yes, of course You had this situation when it was a TOP16 battle. or TOP32 There was one done in Piła, in our class Then something didn't work with your gearbox It went into emergency mode?! I heard that you like to fall asleep at the start No! I like to fall asleep? You've got me confused with someone else.

That's what they say, someone whispered that was the situation configuring the DSG She was very short These were the first tests and actually After the second run, she didn't want to do any more single, double Three was already going into emergency mode and that was then the athlete in 7th place? the first one in eighth place from the 8th place he was able to win – So you can
– you can, of course you can ok, your adventure is 2014 This first podium made you want to continue doing it? yes, that's right I thought it was cool What was the first 1/4 mile car? Golf just I immediately searched for I didn't know at first or rallies or something like that but from all the motorsports, so to speak I would say that the safest sport is the 1/4 mile. there is no direct contact on the way with fences, with trees game just keep going straight there is no contact even between the riders we're never getting close to each other this distance is at least 5 meters between the two athletes riding side by side Contact or accident for motor sport one of the smallest How would you rate the progression over the years? Car progression? 1/4 mile? 1/4 mile progression in Poland 6, 7 years ago coming by car who made a time of 13/13.5 was a possibility you could say that it was possible to qualify for the finals every time Today to be in the final The car must do a time under 12.5 seconds to qualify even going under 12 seconds to be in the top 4 Yes, that's right We can say that we lost 1.5 seconds without interfering with the top without interfering with the top riders just to move on From the qualification to the finals we lost those 1.5 seconds Technology and development just gave us these chances that we can do it above all prices over time, the availability of technology increases more people have the opportunity to rebuild a car it can be said that we are able to build cheaper more power more cheaply more competitors appear and as the number of competitors increases Competition increases, time decreases O ! Exactly It's bothering me what's in it for you I don't know what to call it Or more fun? Or more satisfaction? Or the adrenaline rush of doing the 1/4 mile or driving a longer distance? This is going to sound ugly but……..

Real fun as far as this car is concerned to use its capabilities It starts when the 1/4 mile is over That's a half mile or one kilometer Then the car gains traction and you can feel the acceleration What kind of speed do you achieve there? at the moment 1/2 mile This is 290 hp/H one kilometer within 300 hp/H male Yes, after 18.5 seconds, we have 300 hp/H On the long distances, were you up against supercars that were behind you Any interesting anecdotes? where do the supercars start? because if we're talking about 1000HP or 800 HP Nissan GTR – for example, like this
– Well, that's in the back owners comment ? are they talking? Do they avoid eye contact? the environment has been hermetic for years everybody knows each other he knows he won't be the first me standing next to him I know I'll be first I'm trying not to hit this guy – You do your thing! I don't want him to feel bad about it he came in a car that should have won and the construction of this car does not indicate power, which is what are the plans? For the new season or the next one? – ride
– ride, enjoy Passing without fail We can say that for two seasons We have reached in terms of the efficiency of the elements to this state that the vehicle is able to drive A whole season without any breakdowns So we go from competition to competition Minor breakdowns happen the most serious breakdown from last year It was Saw where we damaged the cooling system fans belt broke I have two fans and one motor drove one fan the belt drive went to the other fan and the belt broke It got a little twisted it messed up you could say it was the biggest crash of the previous season managed to finish the race I took second place in this competition We've already replaced the cooling system where the components were still original one of the few original items on this car the original golf fan, which was already 30 years old we replaced them with new ones and he's driving on I hope that will be the case this season Last question which we like the most What is the cost of building a golf car to this specification and question B How much did it cost you over all the years as of today to build this car in this specification I think within the range of 120,000, 150,000 PLN with bare bodywork to build all this should be enough And over the years? you can't say the amount you can compare it to a car that you could buy today with the money you spent this amount has been exceeded several times I don't know, theoretically Lamborghini The 1/4 mile is for everyone That's cool.

I wish you to improve your record this season We have one rider who's following you around. Let him do his thing. You do your own thing and make it even shorter And no failures Thank you very much aaa, wife comes first.

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