Sourkrauts Sonntagskino I Turbo VW Golf II Sleeper

Hello, I'm christian, I'm 31
years old and come from Gotha and imagine my Golf 2 Yes, a Golf 2 from 1991 3 door is original with a 1.3 NZ engine and currently installed is 1.8T engine with AGU, K04 turbocharger with just 400 HP It all actually started with
the sale of a wheel set I had before golf 7 had the BBS CI-R which I
sold and for the money I got it two brought actually
intended as a transition car so also sold to my wife and well in my head it was already fixed and
started to take stock with the guys here and yet it was a little more rusty than expected and
then a basic restoration of the body was made back then it was on a ta coilover kit
so it was there that means we're on the brink of bread gone by mosquito static was okay was acceptable
as a transition car well after a year that was then in 2017 after a year it was then further conversion
to Westmoreland front, rear panel, US taillights yes that was the start the
woman then said okay, yes, yes a bit more than just a transition and then it
really started, i.e.

2018 to 2019 then further paintwork that means completely
repainted once , conversion to air suspension is a TA Air
suspension with thread adjustment and airlift 3P control yes and then it went on wide cheeks didn't fit anymore, which
means they were converted back to the original fenders cleaned that means exhaust recess
away rear window wiper away have the guys made here then it went on with the front
, things cleared away on fenders all that made away emblem away at the back then converted
to rear window without heating wires that really the look is very clean and so
everything took its course that was in 2019 january it was about there then it went
on interior was an original one beige pattern is also very
good and there is classic in these Wanted to keep touch, we then took
two golf edition seats that were leathered over the tap-step pattern included the brown dashboard
concept, i.e. with a brown one leather combined was not enough
then door panels came in with brown leather and decorative stitching that's just right in everything
and that's actually that difficult on the subject of rims starting with
17 inch IB classic for the first time beginning at to see how the whole
thing works, we continued with BBS LM 242, which is what we are
I drove in 2019 and the performance that is now inside said okay the concept could be a better fit if
we go to semi slick that means now with 15 inch BBS RS rims on it with a Toyo R88R to
bring the performance to the road We
actually took over the concept with the fabric completely key pocket made of the same material as the original
, even another pocket can be made where the tow rope warning triangle is inside hearing protection for the wife because it just got a little louder,
everything is just as coordinated, two more cushions so that you can make yourself comfortable in the
same fabric in the hat shelf have the same fabric Also recorded from the engine setup so
that everything fits, we have built in a catchtank Another very interesting thing we had
brought the car from the engine builder and suddenly in leaky tank but wanted to
meet briefly on the internet the next day where you can parts or where can you get a tank quickly
and then it turned out that there was a catch tank in Luxembourg the next morning at 6 o'clock to Luxembourg drove to
the catchtank and picked it up in the afternoon built in so it just kind of escalates
but what is fun and that makes the golf 2 we already had the vw beetle
in red, actually red was never my color did he just surrender back then and in addition to
the beetle, I somehow wanted something, too have classic where i can then
feel the vehicle because this is one of the very modern cars was the plan to have a car where I
just notice the street and the whole thing is the old one technology the rumors and so I came to the Golf 2
Had also considered Golf 1 or Golf 2 but the Golf 2 was Transition the best solution I would have also fit back then
as transition now it looks completely different yes and that's why Golf2 and red because somehow
I want to have everything perfect again in the concept and next to the red beetle on the red two, beetle
is gone now but something else will happen come for golf just fitting that it somehow
fits in combination because you can be curious history engine also quite nice it was a 1.3NZ in there
everyone said it won't break you drive and somehow i'm known
to destroy engines yes and on the way back In 2018 from the meeting, the 1.3NZ
broke, okay used the chance and the same 1.8T built in at that time started
with almost 230 hp because then it annoyed me because the wheels did not spin because
that was actually planned for the wheels go crazy and so it was then on the conversion
with large turbocharger K04064 and setup and yes performance brute so i'm happy that
the wheels are actually spinning a lot does not make sense that the wheels spin but it
's just fun that I wanted to be touched at the moment I don't dare to go up to 230 km h anymore
because then it feels a bit well dangerous at it's just Golf2 but it's
fun, wheels spin, people watch maybe after all, thrust shut-off is
in it, that means it bubbles, it bangs nicely.

Exhaust system is a 200 cell catalytic converter that means that
something else goes through the support was there a lot started in 2017
with Desi on Golf 2 fanatics advised me When it came to the topic of daily news, what
can we do ? so in the first stage of the expansion, lukas also participated
very strongly in what electronics were boys from amlimit thomas and steffen also thank you for
always supporting complete bodywork everything is organized for Lackfahrwerk everything
rebuilt yes and as he stands who it is I couldn't go without friends today,
sometimes there are highs and lows that's kind of bad, that's good, but
that's what counts, that's tuning that is the joy of
doing it all together , thank you for watching when you guys do that Video has let or a subscription on the site is
also really very important for me criticism to express what went well what did not go
what should I maybe change now we just have the mix of classic and motorsport
bars and a roll cage so what do you think of that?

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