Scoring 18 HOLE-IN-ONES *Mini Golf Trick Shots* | That’s Amazing

yeah one hole down I haven't heard
Matthew yet they got their first hole-in-one I heard them all cheer I don't
know if I can get this so this is my caddy drew what club should I use
they're going a whole sixteen massive loop and I've
got a plan for this one this is where the red putter comes in I don't want to
say too loud because Matthew is gonna hear me I'm gonna chip it over the wall Tommy
we'll never get that one that took just complete luck
it's hard oh that's so close Oh Oh yeah boom fall 15 guys I just heard loud
cheering and I knew that they were on one of the hardest holes and we're on
the easy ones and we're not scoring that's a response literally the next try
after they scored we got one in oh no first try first right that was thank you everybody thank you that would
have been solo all 13 don't need this anymore
you got some trick shots how does that not score that might be the hardest one
in this course Bowser slaying this one I'm letting my caddy take over
it's holding my clubs really well Maggie you know what's right away this way this way this way any day now this is absurd guys we are
catching up I think we're in the lead right now okay I'm switching with Maggie
Oh so guys guess who we just got up to very
slow-moving golfers once we get past this with flying weird
lines hey guys so I just wanted to wake you guys to catch up so I could say only
one note boys take notes take notes let's go this hole is the caddy haul
wheel swiss rolls he's now my caddy no I'm now the putter you better not mess
up we'll see how it goes little nervous I want to let Matthew down better I couldn't score I decided to do this
we're supposed to choose a start for the next fall which one should I take the
where I gotta take them throw hammers yes I know this I'm just like oh man it
almost went in let's go to the GoPro checkout I think
so I'll do it again oh what a trick shot there around the GoPro that was crazy okay caddy
should I go all the way around or just like hit off the wall or something I
think you just try to go all the way around no full send that was it that was it first try I
bounced it off like all the corners I've been told that this is the hardest one
on the whole chorus Oh up the loop-d-loop
down hitting the bricks and in the holes keep getting easier and easier Oh oh good idea good idea who needs the
walls no one needs the wall yeah guys we are on to the final hole around
to the final hole we're still in hole for think we lost we're not going to
give up so guys the final hole of the day is no ramp into this little tiny
thing and if you score the buzzer the o-line will go off and I will win the
competition here oh I hit it first try guys I'm sweating bullets this is the most
serious Club cutting I've ever done in my life remind you I haven't done a whole 18 yet
which of Matthews on so I need to get three to one and then go back to 18 I
don't know if it's possible to catch up one or over-tighten vacuum tommy was one holdback went straight in
I almost went through the whole entire bucket this is all the balls I have left thanks for watching guys and
congratulations Matthew for winning you did a great job good every guy's great
way thanks to medieval punt in Elkhorn Nebraska for letting us use their
amazing golf course oh and take it away what

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