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for example if i can make you better at a sport   whether it be baseball football golf or anything 
quicker you're going to enjoy that sport more   play it more often right that's my goal is to 
get more people that are coming into the game   playing better and enjoyed it so i can see both 
sides of it because golf is very expensive and i   can understand people's frustration i want to get 
fit here's another thing i have to spend money on   but i would say the same thing to anybody do you 
work for free like do you own a store do you work   for a corporation do you expect your knowledge 
and expertise to be given for free i would say   you don't and you wouldn't be happy if that was 
the case so there's value in it i should say if so   hey y'all welcome back to par for the course 
some really strong reactions on the paid for   fittings or free fittings adam representing my 
golf spy in matt and ryan from txg up in canada   each one of them giving strong arguments for or 
against the other model and why it works for them   i have a completely different take on each one of 
theirs so i will be playing some clips reacting to   some videos that each one of them 
placed on their their youtubes recently   and just give my thoughts and reactions and my 
overall perspective on why they're both wrong   stick with me i think industry has done a pretty 
poor job of growing the game uh i think if it were   we were to start it all over again i think 
it could be done differently you know if   the industry really was interested in growing 
the game they would do fittings for free and give   money back guarantees i've been on both sides so 
yes i own my golf spy but prior to that i owned a   fitting business and that's what we did for close 
to a decade and i've also worked with retailers   and gone in and done something exactly like that 
trial and error charge for fittings or give for   free and see what happens and uh it's interesting 
to see what happens um so yeah that's that's why   i think it i think it brings more golfers in 
gives more golfers opportunities to improve   faster and the quickest way to make a golfer for 
life is to have them hit the sweet spot faster   get that par quicker and get that birdie on the 
scorecard as fast as they can and i feel like   you can do that that was that was a little bit 
my take as well was uh i was kind of i guess i   was waiting for the punch line um on that one and 
it you know it didn't seem to didn't seem to come   as an industry solution um it seemed there was 
a my ghost by solution and that they're gonna   relaunch the you know the fitting tool um to fit 
14 clubs and it'll be free not nine dollars and   you know that's a it's a good you know solution 
for for my goals by to offer a fitting tool but   i'm like yeah i didn't hear something on there i 
mean you know been doing this for for 20 years um   oem working you know for for independence for you 
know 12 years i i ca and i know the business model   does not it does not work it does not stack up um 
if you do it for free unless you're a high volume   big box must be a lot of volume it's volume it's 
a volume thing and that's like we were saying at   the uh the start i mean you know do you and 
i do we want to be that volume shop that uh   that kind of it needs to be in order to make 
that jive i mean we've done buy one get ones   the bogo stuff in the past we know we know what 
the conversion rates are you know adam's run his   business he found a certain result that doesn't 
mean it applies to the whole industry it did that   did not work for us you know we may be converted 
at 30 40 percent uh given the same experience   right same facility same shaft same fitters and 
then the paid version was a conversion of about 70 so on either side of this equation i can actually 
put this in the terms that make sense for me and   my daily nine to five so i work in the dental 
industry and we have a very similar argument going   on where there are your more traditional dental 
offices that are fee for service and charge your   your boutique type fees which would be your txg 
in this equation and we also have another model   on the other side which is probably like 
medicaid public health some of your lower lower   reimbursement plans and that that would represent 
what adam's talking about and honestly both of   these models exist for a reason and i think there 
are reasons that the txg model thrives as well as   reasons why the my golf spy golf for all bring you 
know come one come all type of model comes into   the equation i understand the reasons for both 
of them so i don't think either one of them is   wrong they're arguing for what their greater 
interests are the txg is definitely arguing for   you know the boutique model where you know golf 
really has been for the longest period of time   while it seems like the my golf spy is to 
bring golf to the masses to bring in your   unwashed people who typically haven't participated 
in golf and that's through more access to the game   okay this isn't about thg it's not about my golf 
spy this is about golfers and the consumer and   growing the game okay you can keep charging you 
know you that's your business model okay that is   txg related what i'm saying is i was brought into 
a retailer to bring more people into the door at   one point and they said how can we get more people 
to come in here and spend more money and help more   golfers so we did the fitting versus free fitting 
the free fitting brought more people in and if   you're a competent fitter it actually sold more 
equipment okay led to happier golfers that shot   lower scores that came back more often actually 
by getting the free fitting they bought more stuff   from that store they came back for more fittings 
for more clubs okay so in the end you're actually   paying off that equipment that you just mentioned 
that's 75 way faster by offering free fittings now   to your point where you have a waiting list 
once again that's a txg problem that's not a   golfer problem right so open up more stores fit 
more people and also i look at it as the pyramid   right what you're doing is serving the top of the 
pyramid you're serving the people that are willing   to pay for fitting because it's also a weeding 
out system you're saying i feel like if you pay   us 50 you're going to be more likely to pay for 
our person's time and you're probably more likely   to buy equipment the problem is that only serves 
the top of the pyramid and there's 25 million   golfers okay in the rest of that pyramid so what 
adam speaks to here is really a consumer focused   position he thinks about everything in terms of 
the consumer he does not even consider how it   equates to his business model or maybe he 
even does and says if we offer up free items   i will have somebody that comes back more often 
spends more money with me on an ongoing basis   i've seen where that is also true in my business 
life so i don't think he has an argument   you know that is directly towards the txg it's 
really just a consumer focused argument in this   next clip that i'm gonna show from txg it is a 
very entrepreneur business focused argument so   i understand that as well i'm not saying that txg 
doesn't care about their customers they obviously   do they provide a personalized service but where 
their focus lies and how they achieve their end   goal comes from two totally different positions 
depth of knowledge to put together components   uh analyze you know the golf swing and you know 
such a fast-moving you know discipline also the   amount of time fitting is anywhere from an hour 
to three hours you're spending with someone so   if it takes you three hours to pick out a pair 
of shoes i don't think that's exactly the normal   um transaction that occurs so i can see both 
sides of it because golf is very expensive   and i can understand people's frustration i 
want to get fit here's another thing i have   to spend money on but i would say the same thing 
to anybody do you work for free like do you own a   store do you work for a corporation do you expect 
your knowledge and expertise to be given for free   i would say you don't and you wouldn't be happy if 
that was the case so there's value in it i should   say if you find value in the fitting process 
you should be willing to pay for it if you don't   then that's probably why you think it should 
be free yeah that's what i think yeah exactly   as it relates to matt's last point i'm gonna 
pick on that just a little bit in terms of   his his reference to if you find value in fittings 
and you pay for it i don't think it has to do with   the value proposition most golfers do not think 
about fitting in terms of an essential part of   golf however as someone who recently went 
through their first professional fitting   i wouldn't do it differently again i would 
not select clubs without the involvement of   professional fitter but that is not something 
that is being marketed to golfers you know it's   it's your direct to consumer model so a lot of 
golfers you know do not see the value and it will   never ever go see a professional fitter because 
that's just not something that the golf industry   communicates is super important um the more you 
play the more you understand that you may not be   getting the best out of your game um that's how 
i got there you know i had been playing the same   irons for years and i just felt like with my swing 
speed and talent that i wasn't getting the most   out of my clubs which led me to go get fit and 
see what that investment brought me so there are   a lot of golfers out there that either just play 
it on the weekend pick up the clubs once a month   however i'm a multi you know brown per week or 
at least once a week player you just don't have   the bulk of golfers that are getting that much 
golf in every week so that's why they don't value   a fitting in the same way that somebody who's 
a member at a club or just spends a lot more   money on golf and you know has has taken a high 
interest in the game and improving consistently from the big box experience which i have worked 
for that's where i started in the golf industry   if you want to exclude picking range balls and 
cleaning carts the goal is to have people find   something that's going to work well for them 
because there is an inconsistency in a lot of   players golf games and there's an expected level 
of service once you go to get a fitting and you   are looking to pay for it for us for example again 
we charge and you know if you want to talk about   covid or not but we have a massive waiting list 
and a massive demand for our services because   overall if you look at the satisfaction of golfers 
who have gone through fittings and in a lot of   cases free fittings from say larger retailers or 
you know oem demo days where there might be a lack   of training for certain individuals that in some 
cases are seasonal employees all of those things   it's hard to attract the the knowledgeable people 
because they're either somewhere else or they're   not in the golf industry they were in it and then 
they left so what ryan references here is the golf   industry has a talent problem and retention so he 
doesn't believe there's enough competent fitters   out there to do what txg does and that is truly a 
golf industry problem that there's not a business   model that sustains the best finest enough schools 
programs around the schools that create golf   fitters to put people in the right equipment then 
you'd have a more varied mix right now there's   really no in between there's either the free model 
or the paid more expensive fitting model which   again adam pointed out that that's the top of the 
pyramid so the golf industry is itself is in this   little mesh point where things are um are changing 
years and years of experience and it's very very   difficult to recreate that and that's why i stand 
on the side of the fact that that professional   knowledge is worth yeah no i i mean obviously you 
know we agree and um you know adam's take to the   the uh the the sort of everything has a cost sort 
of thing was he ran this business you know and he   had a business a club fitting business and um 
you know his experience in his own business was   actually they done more business when 
they gave the fittings away for free   okay um and and of course you know when when you 
when you open it up for free you know you may   convert five out of ten fits into sales whereas 
in here we maybe convert three out of fours into   into sales that's fine we have a higher conversion 
rate the likelihood is because people are   as investing their cash to come and do it you know 
i have the intention to not just kind of come and   kick tires and stuff exactly so in conclusion 
after watching that last clip from ian here's   my ultimate perspective and why i think they're 
both incorrect i think both models have to exist   for the golf industry to thrive you have a free 
model for your beginner golfers who haven't yet   found a reason to go get fitted they just 
want to get into the game now i know that   you know there's probably a lack of competent 
fitters when you go into a pga superstore   no shade um a dick sporting good these 
aren't your your most competent fitters and   that may mean you know that you don't get the best 
information or you get generic information um or   sometimes when you go to dicks you can't even 
find an associate or know what their hours are um   again as someone who's been playing golf for nine 
years i have found a reason to go get fit and why   it fits my game and then why the investment made 
sense for me so i think both models have to exist   so they're to me just watching through some of 
the clips and watching both interviews um you   know there does seem to be a bit of protection 
or just protection of their model on the txg   side um when in actuality having free fittings 
does not threaten the lifeblood of what they   do because you're always going to have a niche 
of golfers who are willing to pay high dollar   to be the best that they can at the game i 
mean it is a game that you do spend money   on so you're always going to have that built-in 
customer base that's willing to come to you so if   there's a thousand golf spot my golf spots that 
pop up offering free fittings it's not going to   change the segment of golfer that typically caters 
to txg and what they do so from from arguing about   their perspectives i would say they're both 
wrong and that they need each other to thrive so y'all thank y'all for joining appreciate y'all 
viewing the videos to the end if you can please go   like share and subscribe to the channel greatly 
appreciated go check out their videos i'll link   them down in the description a lot of insightful 
thoughts from both a little bit longer format i   just took some highlights from each of the videos 
so hope to see you here soon keep supporting the   channel again like share and subscribe so i can 
keep bringing you awesome uh news about golf   training aids and other things that are going 
around on the golf world talk to y'all soon bye

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