PiRATE SHiP SLiDE!! Beach Day in Belize with Adley & Niko! the kids mud spa and hair salon in water

(anchor clacking)
(water splashing) (Shaun grunts) (people screaming) – [Shaun] Hi. – Do you wanna see our house? – [Shaun] Yes, can I get a little tour? – No boys allowed, (indistinct). – So right here is our fridge. – [Niko] Here's the window. – [Shaun] Oh and a little
window right there. – And then this is our snakes case. – [Shaun] The snake?
– [Adley] Yeah. – [Shaun] What? Whoa. – [Jenny] My gosh, look.
– [Shaun] Whoa. Niko, like, whoa, he
just jumped like crazy. (engine whirring) Hi Niko.
– [Adley] Hi. – [Shaun] Oh, boy, sketchy bridge. (people screaming) – There's some puddles. – [Shaun] Some puddles. Whoa. (people screaming) – [Shaun] What are you doing? – [Jenny] Woohoo!
– [Shaun] Whoa.

– Get over here. (upbeat music) (Shaun laughing) – [Shaun] This is what's next. A boat with a slide. Oh, that's how you steer
it, Adley, its the steer. – Whoa. – Next up is pirate boy. Whoa! (Adley screaming) (Shaun screaming)
(water splashing) (upbeat music) (Shaun laughing) – Me and Adley are pirates. – I'm not a pirate. – [Shaun] What are you?
– I'm a stinky fairy. – [Shaun] What? No stinky fairies. (upbeat music) – Good job, its soft. Oh. Whoa. – Oh, hello, thank you.

Getting the mud scrub. Oh, that kinda feels nice, actually. – Now your dace. – Maybe not so good. – [Niko] I'm making (indistinct). – [Shaun] Ow, are you serious? Whoa. Adley's Belize spa is my favorite. Hi, mom how's your salon? – Do you like it?
– [Shaun] Oh wow. I should go to that salon. You look beautiful. I'll do it, (indistinct). Yeah, do you like it? Do you know what we're doing
tomorrow, do you remember? You know what that means? Dance party, we're going to a dance party. – No, we're not. – Is that how you go dancing? – No, dad, you have to
figure out what I'm doing.

– Snorkeling. – Yes, oh. – My loose tooth I've ever seen. – [Jenny] Girl, that's about fall out. (people speaking indistinctly) (both laughs) – What was that? Why would you do that? (suitcase zipper clacking) Hi, vlog, you've been in this
suitcase for a long time. We're here, we made it. Do you wanna see where we made it to? It's Belize in Central America, kinda by Honduras where I
lived for a couple years and this is where the kids live. Hello? – No grownups allowed. – [Shaun] No grownups? – You have to knock.
– [Shaun] Okay. – Open.
– Hello! – [Shaun] Hi. – Do you wanna see our house? – [Shaun] Yes, can I get a little tour? – No boys allowed,
(indistinct) boys allowed. – Come on in. – Okay, you're in. – [Shaun] Okay, thank you. Let me in. – [Adley] That's as
much as you can come in so you don't break our fort. – I'm not gonna break it,
I can come all the way in.

This place is awesome. – [Adley] Okay, you film. – [Shaun] Okay, give the tour. – So right here is our fridge.
– [Niko] Here's the window. – [Shaun] Oh wow. Oh, and a little window right there. – And we're in Minecraft. – [Shaun] Oh, we're in Minecraft? – And this is our door and then this is our snakes case. – [Shaun] The snake? – Yeah, this is my aisle stuff. This is my bed, that's Niko's bed. – [Shaun] Oh, that's a cool bed. – And I sleep right here and then you're standing in the door. – [Shaun] Oh, sorry, there's the doorway. Oh, and there's others rooms up there. – Yep, this is the hotel. We live down here and our
friends live on the top level. – [Shaun] Wait, where are we? Where's this hotel at? – I'll show you, follow me. – [Shaun] Okay, wait, lady. Excuse me, can you take this vlog? – Yes, I can take it. Hi, vlog. Oh, by the way, like
you can call me Adley.

– [Shaun] Hello, Adley. – By the way these are
our other neighbors. – [Shaun] Oh, hello other neighbors. – Hello. – [Shaun] Oh wow, I like your house. They have a little bit more
view than your house, Adley. – [Jenny] Yeah. – [Shaun] Look at this view. Oh, this looks like the best
ever just waiting to happen and look, there's boats
out there and a dock. – An this whole house is in San Pedro which is in Belize. – [Shaun] Woo, good job, girly. – [Jenny] Oh yeah. – [Shaun] Here with Papa Mimi, hello Dad. Hello, Stace.
– Hello. – [Shaun] Thank you for the invite. Stacy totally scored this
place through her work.

We totally lucked out by getting to come. Thank you, thank you. What's first on the plan today? – Breakfast. – [Shaun] What's breakfast,
what do we think? – Waffles.
– [Shaun] Waffles? There's no waffles here. Do you think there's waffles here? – Yes, there is. – We saw a waffle place on our way in. – [Shaun] Oh yeah. Should we go see if it's alive? – Yeah, let's go.
– [Shaun] It's kicking? You like waffles for breakfast? – Waffles, it is.
– [Shaun] All right. – Wait, there's a footprint on the couch. – [Shaun] Who left that footprint? It's a beach badger. Look, there's its foot and
there's its other claws. Did you see any beach badgers? – Nope, there's only crabs on the beach. – [Shaun] Only crabs? – [Niko] Only crabs are allowed. – We've been here less than 24 hours and we already got an awesome fort.

That's cuz we got awesome kiddos. Oh and guess how we're
getting to the waffle house? How do we get everywhere, Niko? – On a golf cart. – [Shaun] On a golf cart
and dad's a golf cart pro. What?
– [Adley] This is our map. – [Shaun] And that's
where we see whale shark, should we go out there? – [Adley] I wanna see one of the sea lion. – [Shaun] Look, this is
all Belize right here and then we flew into Belize and then all the way over to
this little island right there, San Pedro by the giant manta rays.

– We can go see the stingray. – [Shaun] We should. – [Niko] I'm already going. – [Shaun] You're already going. All right, everyone follow
Niko, he knows the way. – [Adley] Follow me too. – [Shaun] Follow the Niko. Follow the Niko. – Follow the Niko, follow
the Adley, follow the Niko. – They know the way. Oh, look at those. We should find some
shells today in the ocean. We're gonna go shell hunting today. But first we wanna see our golf cart. This is how we get everywhere. We only rode it once last
night and it was a lot of fun. – [Adley] This is our golf cart. – [Shaun] Ooh, that one's ours. You're the back sitter. That's the driver. Where's my co-pilot? Are you my co-pilot? – Yeah.
– [Shaun] All right.

Hey buddy, do you wanna be my filmer dude? – Yeah.
– [Shaun] All right. – [Niko] Oh, not (indistinct) vlog. – [Shaun] Okay, here we go. All aboard, oh no, there's a puddle. Niko, get the puddle. – [Niko] Wow. (Shaun grunting)
(people screaming) – [Jenny] Thank you, Niko. – [Shaun] Watch out, more bumps. – Hello, vlog welcome to the back. (Adley singing indistinctly) (upbeat music)
(air swooshing) – I want chocolate chip waffles. – [Shaun] Chocolate chip waffles. Oh and fresh orange juices. – I want orange. – [Shaun] Do you wanna try mine, Niko? See if it's yummy? – Yeah and if I like it,
then I'm stealing yours. – [Shaun] Oh boy. Delicious? I think we need another orange juice. Baby coconuts. This is all babies.
– [Adley] Grab one. – [Shaun] No, they're not
ready yet, they're just babies.

– No, they're ready to eat. – [Shaun] No, those are just babies. We gotta find bigger ones. – I wanna eat a coconut right now. – [Shaun] I know. Wow, look how beautiful this is. I love places like this,
it just makes me happy. Look at that fish, it's see through. Isn't that a weird fish? – [Adley] Yeah, that's
like a mini baby swordfish. – [Shaun] I know, it really was. Do a little fish hunting and then we're gonna go
find a beach to play on. What? Whoa! – [Jenny] Oh my gosh, look. – [Adley] Its a manta ray. – [Jenny] Where did it go?
– [Adley] Where is it? – [Jenny] There it is. – Whoa, manta ray, manta ray! – [Jenny] Sting ray.
– [Adley] Sting ray. – [Shaun] Whoa.
– [Adley] That's ginormous just in the wild. – [Shaun] I just wanna
hop in and play with it.

We found our first cool sting ray. – (indistinct) little itty
bitty one in Hawaii, remember? – [Shaun] Oh yeah.
– Was like on the ground. – This is fun. – [Adley] Oh, I saw (indistinct). – [Shaun] Oh. – [Adley] Wait, there's a (indistinct). – [Shaun] Niko, look, whoa. He just jumped like
crazy, did you see that? Niko, look whoa. He did not like if we moved fast. – Yeah. – I'll look for a shark. – [Shaun] A shark? – This is what you do if you see anything. You go alert, alert. – [Shaun] Alert, alert. Okay, vlog, give us an alert
if you guys see anything. – Go over here to the dock. Lots of fish go over here. – [Niko] There's fish
under the (indistinct). – [Shaun] I just wanna
go down those stairs do, do, do, do, do and go find animals. (wind rushing) – I see a fish. Aler, alert, alert. – [Shaun] Alert, you see a fish? (engine revving) Oh, hi.
– [Adley] Hi. – [Shaun] Hi Niko.
– [Adley] Hi. Oh boy, sketchy bridge.

– [Adley] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. (people screaming) – [Jenny] Daddy, no more,
I'm scared, for real, stop. (upbeat music) (engine whirring) – Oh.
– [Shaun] Adley. You're insane, slow. (people screaming) Adley, you're crazy. – They should make buckles on this. – They definitely need
seat buckles on this. (engine whirring) Wow. Slow down. – There's some puddles. – [Shaun] Some puddles. (Shaun grunts) (Adley speaking indistinctly) – [Shaun] That's where we're at, Adley.

Oh, I think we're here. Adley found a sea turtle. – Hello. – [Shaun] Oh look, we can sit
out on the tables out there. Look, you can order stuff at the tables. All right, switch into the water vlog. (water swooshing) Whoop, you good? – Good that I have goggles on. – Daddy, you (indistinct) shark. – Oh well. – So dad, we're gonna make
a stop at every closest one. Right now, the closest
one is the gray thing. Then we're going to the (indistinct) and then we're going to
the ginormous obstacle. – [Shaun] Sounds like a plan,
Niko's already beaten you. – Don't worry, (indistinct). (water splashing)
(upbeat music) – Even though Adley's a good swimmer, she's just gotta be safe
cuz we're in the ocean. Always gotta wear floaties. – Yeah, in case a shark pulls me down. – [Shaun] Not cuz of that. – And they're super bright
colors so we can see you. – [Shaun] Yeah and the
cool thing for Adley, wait, where's Niko? And don't leave your
kids alone in the ocean.

Niko, get back here. Oh, good job, Niko. (Shaun grunts) – Get over here. – [Shaun] Oh, yeah. – [Adley] Oh, I'm gonna
go on the other one. – [Shaun] Oh Niko. (water swooshing) (people speaking indistinctly) (Adley screaming) – [Shaun] It's a battle. (upbeat music)
(water rushing) This is what's next. A boat with a slide. That's definitely best ever stuff. We're going to pick up the family. They're floating out there somewhere. We're gonna be captaining
this ship with me, pirate dad. All right, so we got a pedal here.

(people cheering) Y'all made it, welcome
to pirate dad's ship. It'd be having a slide if you'd enjoy it. (Adley screams)
(Shaun grunts) Ahoy, mom.
– Ahoy! – But who's gonna paddle the other side? – [Shaun] Adley, you gotta paddle. Oh, that's how you steer
it Adley, its the steer. Niko. Hop in, where's Niko going? We almost got Niko over board. – All right, ahoy! – [Shaun] First up, it's pirate grandpa. – Yay! Whoa. (water splashing) (people speaking indistinctly) – [Shaun] Next up is pirate boy. (water splashing) – Good job. – [Shaun] I've been staring
at the edge of the water. – Don't you dare. (people speaking indistinctly) – [Shaun] All right, let's see it. Oh no, Niko. Good luck on your mission. – Who wants to hold my goggles? (Adley screams)
(water splashing) – We're going overboard. (Shaun screams) – [Jenny] Grab the (indistinct). (Grandpa grunts) – [Shaun] Do it like a mind sap guy.

(air rushing) – Dad, I'm leaving you. – [Shaun] Hey, don't
leave me, (indistinct). Bye. – Get away from her. – I'll hold on to the back. (upbeat music) (indistinct) are just hanging off. (upbeat music) – [Adley] (indistinct). – [Jenny] Not far away. Ooh.
– [Shaun] Ooh. He's out of here. Sorry, mom. – Hi. – [Shaun] Hi, Adley. (Adley screams)
(Shaun screams) (upbeat music)
(water splashing) – (indistinct). – I love you. – We got three generations
of pirates on this trip. How fun is that? My dad and my kiddo in another country.

This is definitely a forever memory. Oh. Ahoy! (upbeat music) Splash that girls. (water splashing) (people speaking indistinctly)
(upbeat music) – The boat is our destination,
we don't need to pack hose. I'm going to throw these. There we go. – [Grandpa] Now you're stuck,
you're not going anywhere. – [Shaun] Oh baby, this is
gonna be cool, mom's doing it. (everyone laughing) All right vlog, we're doing again. She's surfing. – Push me. (Jenny screams) – I'll actually go backwards. (Shaun screaming)
(water splashing) (Adley speaking indistinctly) – Perfect. (Adley screams) (upbeat music) (people cheering) – Good job buddy. – [Shaun] Ooh, yeah jump
off, that'd be stick. – One.
– [Shaun] Yeah. (water splashing)
(Shaun laughs) – I sat on the bottom. – [Shaun] You sat on the bottom? Hold on, watch Papa. (everyone laughing) – [Shaun] (indistinct) Papa.

(upbeat music) – I can't, time to chill
out, nowhere to go. – [Shaun] Wait, what were you just doing? – Oh, tasting the room. – Oh, this is so much fun. (Shaun grunts) (everyone laughs) The McBride flip. I've seen Papa do some of
those on a snow mobile. (everyone laughing) (water swishing) – [Jenny] Hello, just relaxing. – [Shaun] That looks relaxing. – And we're jumping waves, huh, Niko. Wee! – This is a cruise ship. – And you may come here
anytime, I will pick you up. – And you may come here
anytime and I will pick you up. – All right, can I get a
pick up over here please. – [Grandpa] I am the captain. – All right captain, can I get a pick up? – [Adley] Coming. Okay, here you go
passenger, come on aboard. – [Shaun] What do I do captain? – Okay, follow me.

– [Shaun] Help, captain.
– Thank you. – [Shaun] Don't smash your fingers. (object clattering) All right, captain.
– Okay, follow me. It's just in the middle of the sea. – [Shaun] Oh, what if you get pushed? Sorry Captain, thanks for the ship, bye. It was me, pirate dad, the
whole time, you didn't know. Get off my boat, this is mine now. (grandpa grunts) No! – You get off my boat. You get off my boat. (water swishing) – My boat, he stole my boat. Hi dude, you were in the splash zone. – Yeah, we were. – Aha! we stole your boat, it was me, pirate dad the whole time. – Here's a secret, I'm a pirate. – What? To be an Adley pirate. – I'm not a pirate.
– [Shaun] What are you? – I'm a stinky fairy.

– [Shaun] What? No! Stop her. No stinky fairy. (upbeat music) what do you think? – PiƱa colada. (Shaun laughs) There you go. (Shaun grunts) Oh hi, can I sit by you out here? – Oh, hello. You like my fancy drink? – [Shaun] Yes, cheers, doop. (laughs) – [Adley] Oh yes. I'm just barely making a salon. – [Shaun] Oh really,
you're making a salon? What kind of salon? – Oh, just a Adley salon. (Shaun laughs) – Oh, what was that? Why would you do that? (water splashing) Bro, stop. (funky music) (airy white noise rumbling) – [Jenny] What is that, Nav? – Turtle. (upbeat mellow music) – Ah! (upbeat mellow music) (airy white noise rumbling) – [Jenny] Are you touching fish? – [Nav] Yes. – [Jenny] Go touch it. Oh, goodness. Oh, you're so close, so close.

(mellow upbeat music) – [Woman] Pour it in her. Put it in her mouth. Good job. – [Woman 1] That's her
favorite spot to get scratched. – Good job, good job. Oh. Oh. Cheese. – [Jenny] Nav, look I
think it's down here. Is that pretty? Oh my goodness. A unicorn? It looks like Adley's room in here. Oh my goodness, a unicorn cat. – Meow.
– [Jenny] Meow. (airy white noise rambling) – [Shaun] Those are all crabs. (Adley screaming) – [Stacey] Oh my god, there (indistinct). – [Shaun] Oh, thank you. Doesn't this look delicious? (water swishing) What up? Oh, thank you. Oh yeah, that looks delicious. – Anyone wanna join the party? – Free cafe out in ocean? Oh, the food reminds me of Honduras. It's so delicious. Hello, welcome to the Ocean Cafe. – They're Adley's cafe. – Definitely best day ever. Thanks for spending with us, this is cool. Like first time being outta the country with the kids, I think. You guys get to come with us. If you've never been out the country now it's like you have
cuz you went out with us.

(people speaking indistinctly)
(Shaun laughing) – Shake the booty. – Shake your booty. – We're doing a turkey dance. I'm a Turkey, turkey, Turkey,
Turkey, Turkey, turkey dad. I'm a robot, turkey, robot, turkey. What's going on? – Oh dad, okay, dad,
you're my first customer. Sit right here. – [Shaun] We're doing a beauty parlor? All right, I'd like to get my hair did. – [Adley] Do you want black, tan or mud? – [Shaun] Ew, in my hair? Ooh, can I get some nice rocks? – No, dad, this is
actually a bath massage. – [Shaun] Oh, a bath massage,
ill take one of those. – Mud is the best one for bath. – [Shaun] Oh yes, please. – Okay, please take your shirt off. – [Shaun] Oh, okay. What's mom getting? Mom, what are you getting? – [Jenny] My hair braided.

– [Shaun] Ooh, fancy. All right, I'm ready. Oh, hello, thank you. Getting the mud scrub, it's the special. Is this the specialty? – Yeah, this is special. – Oh, are you getting my whole back? – Yes, I'm getting your whole tummy. – Oh, my whole tummy too? – [Adley] Oh, we have
to get your shoulders. – Ooh, shoulders, that
kinda feels nice actually. – Now your face. – Maybe not so good. – You're going in the water and then we're doing something
else, so just lay back. (Shaun mumbling) Let's just splash you. – Okay.
– Can you please stand up? We're going to do the big part. – [Shaun] Whoa. Adley's Belize Spa, it's my favorite. (Niko mumbling) – It's just greasy. – Oh, thank you. – It's right here. I'm making you. – [Shaun] Ow! Are you serious? The spa's kind of painful you know.

– I'm making you look like a zombie. – A zombie, I don't wanna be a zombie, ah! – I'm shaving your back. – [Shaun] Ew, what are you shaving it? – Shaving off all the stress. – [Shaun] Oh, the stress. Thank you for shaving off
all that extra stress. All right, mom, how's your salon? Oh wow, I need to go to that salon. Does this mean my spas over? – No, Niko's finishing you. – [Jenny] Do I still have mud in my back? – [Shaun] Did you have a spa? Oh mom, you're getting burned. You're getting red, but you look cool. – Thanks. – My wife is so cute. Oh, she's hot. That was a mud hug. All right, how's it going? – Good. – [Shaun] Oh, those look so good. – I love it, Adley. – [Shaun] They look cool. – [Jenny] So good. – [Shaun] You look beautiful. – I love it. – [Jenny] I think dad needs a turn too. – Yeah.
– [Shaun] Should I do it? – Dad, chooses what you want. – [Shaun] What if I do
the same as you and mom? – [Grandpa] I'll do it, maybe
she can just paint someone.

– [Shaun] Oh yeah, dad, you
get a strip right there. It's mandatory, we're all doing it. – Hey, vlog, look who got their hair done? – Yeah, do you like it? PlayStation gaming island hair. – [Jenny] Adley yours look sick. So cute. What do you think Niko? Is it pretty cool? – Yeah.
– [Jenny] Yeah. So pretty, I got the purple. (Shaun laughs) – [Jenny] Drop down and give me 20. – [Shaun] Adley's the winner. Who were most liked? Papa. Hey, good job winner. – [Adley] Can we play again? My loose tooth I ever seen. – [Jenny] Girl, that's about to fall out. – [Shaun] Oh, the after
pizza reveal of the artwork. – What did you draw? – [Shaun] I drew bird in
a nest with some eggs. Baby bird over there on a branch. – [Adley] Chicken. – [Shaun] What? I literally did
not know you drew a chicken.

What are the chances. A chicken laying an egg up in the tree. Chickens are not in trees. I really had no idea you
drew a chicken, I'm serious. We just think the same. – Yeah and why is there
a floating barn house? – [Shaun] Oh, that's just
the floating barn house. Where's your brother? – Sleeping. – Niko already fell asleep. It's been a fun day, huh? – Its only seven o'clock. – Only seven o'clock and
people are already sleeping. Do you know what we're doing tomorrow? Do you remember? Do you know what that means? Dance party, we're going to a dance party.

– No, we're not. – Is that how you go dancing? – No dad, you have to
figure out what I'm doing. – Snorkeling. – Yes. – We're gonna snorkel
and maybe see manta rays. Those are like difference between a sting ray and a manta ray is manta rays have like
the big open mouths like. – Like this. – Hey, mom, let me see a real one. – They even got manatee and the manta ray. – [Shaun] Of course
they're different things. Wait, I think a cow and a
horse are also separate. – Now that I'm saying it I realize that.

This is something we can
go see tomorrow maybe. – [Shaun] Wait, are you serious? – Yes. – [Shaun] I thought you just
kept saying the wrong thing. If we could actually go see that. – Those are sea lions.
– They said manatee. – [Shaun] No, they were saying manta rays. – No, I'm pretty sure they said manatee. – [Shaun] Can we get a confirmation. – Manatee. – [Jenny] Yeah. – [Shaun] Really? We can go see these.

That's amazing, yes, a hundred percent. – See why I was confused? – [Adley] But I'm not
gonna swim with that. – [Shaun] Well, I'm not confused. I thought it was just manta
rays and you were confused. But I didn't know there's
actually this animal here. They're sea cows. – They're so cute. Oh, look at that one, it's
like sucking on their arm. – [Shaun] Look at that one,
it's eating its own kind. – Baby manta ray. – [Shaun] Wait, so is this
what we signed up for? – Yes. – [Shaun] Oh man. – Oh.
– Oh, look at that one. Oh, they're feeding it with your bubba. – [Shaun] Okay, so this is
what we're for reals doing? I'm being serious. – Yeah, that's what it said, yes. At first I thought it was manta rays. – [Shaun] I thought it was a manta ray too and I was still excited but I was like, yeah, it's, you know. – Manta rays are stingray,
manatees are sea lions. – [Shaun] See cows.
– Sea cows.

– Well, there you have it. Next best day ever is
gonna be extra bestest. – This is what I thought
we were going to see. – Yeah.
– [Shaun] Yeah, no, same. And I still wanna see those,
that'd be really cool. I'm excited, there you have it. It's gonna be another amazing day. – Why is that one pink? I wanna know. Click bait.
– [Shaun] Is that real? – Let's click it. – [Shaun] No, don't.
– I clicked it. – All right, go click
another one of our videos. Thanks for watching, bye. (upbeat music) – [Jenny] Where's it go? Right there, oh my gosh.


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