Mario Golf: Super Rush All Courses DLC Speedrun in 1:20:32

there's a lot going on here you 
understand lots of new stuff happening nice back to it back to the the dumpster fire that 
is this stupid-ass force worst one in the game   hey guys it's like we never left   we never left highlands it's still july 
right now we're still learning the speed road no i'm pretty happy to say this course 
is the worst one it's just not good   this is this bad course i'm sorry this course just is unfortunately not good nice 
yeah we we smile at this course that's all i can   do range animation is faster also special shots 
really good aydah lynn hope you're doing well   ugly course yeah graphics graphics ugly 
bowser is the only good part of this course   he doesn't have to be on the 
course to be seen you know but yes he's the second strongest 
character but actually he is the   strongest character outside of koopa 
believe it or not that is because   he has three spin sections so he can 
far out drive king bob i'm sorry but just overhead too much lateral too much of 
a horizontal component on the   the wind there i didn't play it didn't 
play it enough but i'm fine with this ready having to relearn everything 
is very gruesome though   remember where everything is supposed 
to go how to get 6.9 feet away on   every hole 214 with a mistake though 
isn't that pretty good seems good to me bad pin good shot though straight up a peep this hole ready yep there's probably more 
than one of those at this   point i'm at the time to study every hole in depth hope you're doing well limo nice huh still faster than my last run dang it dude oh yes yes dude i'm vibing with this rng 
yep yep rng all right try and ship this you get all the pins no it's not 
going to suck because all the ones   you get in championship tees are inherently worse and by the time you play this course 
you better have superstar clubs   i am playing this course in 
birdie badges without superstar   we have rookie t's and we have superstar 
i ain't doing anything but that   hog thing for the nine months sub baby the day 
let's go ready welcome back i saw so many people   in other chats using my emotes today and it warmed 
my heart that was that was so cool to see today   just observation i made there's so 
many people are using the blue dog that yeah i understand limo and i 
also started pretty late today but   so it's probably too late usually 
too late for you or is it too early   can't satisfy everyone but when i do 
get to see you time zones permit us that goes for everyone everyone who fits the bill it is a good day   yes i want to get i want to get 
eight more blue dogs too ready great and now i'm 11 seconds ahead of my last run   not bad even with three mistakes maybe not 11. 
how far ahead am i seven six i can't remember the rest of my highlands was good though so gotta keep it up bowser is vibing yeah i really 
want i really gotta use maybe even more than   eight i don't even know how many emotes i can 
get right now nine ready something like that i have six of those dog like cus or a pre-made 
emotes i have all of those as placeholders because   why not nice get the heck in there great 
that was a really good shot for this pin come on you're in europe oh well i hope your 
early morning right now is you know peaceful ready wow he lit wow he lit's gonna stay sorry   wow he lit us staying i have the the gg 
dogs and i also have a couple free spots   still after that because of the reason 
the recent emote slots that everyone got wowie lit stays wowie lit is a follower 
emo it's a sub emote it's the best one   i've literally had people tier three sub to me 
in the past before that emo so yeah it stays wow that was great menuing 
okay well guess i lucked out guess i lucked out with it ready what a colorful back 
nine segment look at that oh dude why did i have to freak the oh my 
god this is literally a minus 28 highlands   i actually just screwed it all on the front nine   no oh yeah i deserve that i don't 
deserve that that should not have worked maybe over hit by frame no break perfect because why not that should have been 28 
under i'm mad madge about it go up god damn don't look at it oh it's bad 
i'm embarrassed minus 25 is a perfect highlands   great with no mistakes and no bonus chips so i 
made three mistakes and i made three bonus chips great all right so that menuing cost me a second 
well i just sat on bonnie trying not to press a   that could work no how did it go 
right or left sorry what the heck   i'm confused why it went left even with that 
right miss it that seems wrong seems incorrect   happy that i'm gaming though this 
is the kind of highland split i need for a sub 120 that's for sure great that's what 
i was thinking if i took 20 seconds off my pv   that would be the image of a of a um 
perfect highlands i have had wind though all right we can do a lot here though if these holes 
just cooperate please please cooperate great not great shut up clutching clutching it got to keep clutching it nice get there no how dare you oh come on dang it dude do the same amount of [ __ 
] for the putt whether you're from the fairway or   on the fringe over there it doesn't make any sense 
i feel like you should have less shift on that one   no you have to have more and if 
you're putting up the fairway it   literally makes no sense i don't 
understand the thoughts on that dang it he could have had it all right i couldn't aim 
the way i wanted to but whatever it'll work great so one mistake on the front nine technically   ready i got good rng and did 
capitalized i'd say that's a mistake i'll take this i need to do the riser on this 
hole that's not a guarantee shot whatsoever no no and here we go buggers love that headwind forcing me to throw 
everything i have into the wind for survival   okay fun moment there thanksgiving okay oh great i put too much left i would have screamed i didn't 
get my wide press oh god   stop freaking me out i put too much left spin 
on that but i got the right mishit to counter it nice huh gotta really be 
careful with that that y press   can be so light sometimes that 
it just doesn't go through ready great could have asked for better except 
for in the hole okay making it work ready this needs full power sag nice great don't do that whatever i'll take it 
at least there's the chip back up get excellent every corner i'm getting scammed my full powers are off right now oh my god what's happening i knew i under hit that 
i didn't expect it to actually even get that close ready that was really good not enough right 
spin on that oh my god what is happening okay i'm not even sure how that 
was so slow tell you the truth ready don't know the slopes over here nice huh almost over corrected okay let's 
see if i can save time on this hole it's fine full power great nice i'll take it nice slightly lag you're 
doing the special shot on the rough   the meter fills up more slowly oh come on it though i want to do far better on this 
this has time save out the wazoo right now a very strong result from tonight would 
be to be within a minute of sub 120.   oh one button if i get a 120 split 
i'd be pretty happy with that   i wasn't sure if that was a tap and 
i hate 2.9 i don't trust it dude ready i should special this because i really just want to make it to 
the bunker and that's actually pretty hard to do wow okay   frick well i'm at least i'm 
not going to botch hole six yeah i think special thing five is better there we go didn't mess it up nice i bodged that last time that's so stupid   oh man this one i freaking hate 
this hole this one sucks okay no no i hate this whole dude no i almost made it work too there we go ray's name for the raid hello ceilin 
and b hello wait i'm about to go for the strat   look at this oh my god holy crap watch i'm gaming 
i'm gaming dude look at that what is happening that's a new strat oh my god you got me i 
literally is about to freak out it's the   first time i've ever done that no i did it 
though we used the cloud i didn't even know   what's gonna happen raise i hope the rest of the 
mario party went well hope you guys enjoyed it   i'm speedrunning all of the courses in 
this game now it's actually pretty hyped yes i think yoshi gets embarrassed 
and we should respect his privacy i'm familiar with this   ready i'm familiar with this you 
think i'm not familiar with that yeah so what i'm doing right now 
is a speed run of all the courses   now that we have the last free update for mario 
golf super rush these are some of the new courses   i'm speedrunning all of them in a row 
there's 11 of them and it takes an hour   and 22 minutes actually that was my last 
run completed it first completed run for me   of this version it was a 15 minute world record pretty cool granted only one person has run this so far 
but hey if you want to see a world record   i'm on pretty good pace here and i've got a 
lot of time saved i don't know if you were   in the market for watching a world record 
done by gay golf furry awesome moderator of   race chat if you don't know who i am for 
some reason i'll just ban you right now i'm feeling nice i'm feeling 
feisty don't think i won't just ban you right now but yeah 
we're enjoying some chill golf   that's all there is to it and 
we also hit on mario's nose here   spicy man it's true feisty spicy man right now onto waluigi's nose oh i i 
goofed it dudes ungoofed let's go un-goofed i've only made one 
mistake on this course so far so yes if you have any questions about the run 
feel free to ask i also speedrun kirby air ride   and other mario golf games whatever suits 
your fancy that was very loud i apologize nice thank you the followers by the way thank 
you follows thank you follows thank you for balls   whoa ready gamers   nice check out my all the emotes i 
have i know you guys are seven tv fans get the heck in there dang it dang it dang it   you're the boss thank you for following 
us oh my god and see randy thank you for   the 10 months i almost lost that in there 
i'm so sorry i'm absolutely terrible to you everyone unsubscribed something like this that works nice i do my best core speed thank you for hanging out   yes i hope the mar power went well that's 
what he calls it right sounds silly but is my duty right now to influence 
you guys to speedrun this game   it is a fantastic speed run now the 
community is ripe for exploration as we   have the list of courses that are 
final of all free updates in the game now it's time to deliver the goods 
and that's exactly what i'm doing here if i didn't top that i think 
i was in business there there's my time save though look at this have 
a good one frosties also you know what's great   about this is i have eight quadrillion 
years to read every message in chat   also what's good is i have a sure microphone 
which if you don't know that's ray's new mic   is an sm7b which is basically the top of the line   my partner sand also has an sm7b but i am here 
rocking the mv7 we're all sure gamers sponsored nice huh by the way so this run allows you to put all 
or any courses in any order that you'd like   so just as i do all the much harder 
courses first and i get them out of the way   the first four are the most difficult to optimize   followed by the part three courses at the end 
but we do a character switch at the end ready i don't know if this is going to work   oh man we're testing the oh the dude am i 
hitting him i think that hits dude i'm scared   of course it does why are you there you 
piece of garbage oh the dude hacked me losing time because of the spiky dude not 
feeling good about that i hate that yeah i knew   it was gonna hit i knew it i couldn't have even 
done a special shot there not that i wanted to you have the exact badges of frosty 
has and like so many chats right   nice i appreciate the good luck though for us thank you wit as well thank you for the good luck you may see a bunch of people streaming ranked in 
this game this is the true competitive scene that   matters speed running i'm here to show you that 
this is where the this is where the top level   you know uh stuff in this game is manifested 
nice friskiest second place runner in chat   well he's got world records over me in some places 
top tier gamer in chat also we're here to show you   this is the scene you may want 
to get into not not your average   silly ranked lobbies i did that for a month so i 
know what i'm talking about i have the experience i played the ranked grind i'm 
not just talking out my ass here not happy with that not happy with that either 
but it worked thankfully okay one mistake maybe i could 
get ready this has a backup here that will do okay unless it hits a spiky lad do you have to play this pin location 
on top of a mound happy with it   yeah i could understand that also you're both 
mod and some of those chats there is that too 410 not good not good i don't even know where 
to use my special if i don't use it on eight   i think that's what i'm 
supposed to be doing is probably   well that was god awful okay maybe i'll 
special here or not i have a clear shot nice supposed to use the side spin on 
the third segment there my mistake october 2021 was really good though yeah 
that's why i played ranked that month   um not what i wanted this was the hole that i got demolished on 
actually you know what i'm just gonna do this i making the best of it i think you can make it fine like hitting at 
the the middle of that bush that'll avoid a   lot of the hit just have to put the side spin 
on somewhere not as much side spin as i did what benefit does bowser add second strongest 
character but technically strongest besides koopa he has more spin ready than king bob 
does and that's why he's stronger than   king bobon even though he hits two 
yards less distance you can go far   further than king bob can if you know how 
to utilize your spin your impact points then you blew emote blue evo another blue friend i have a few of those 
i think okay that's not good nice shut up i have a few blue emotes you're in the right 
place definitely a blue gang moment for sure it's okay though golf time   ready oh i don't have the i never have 
the special shot here throws me off it's golf time quite frequently when you're here and then yeah bowser has fast animations as well 
so he putts really quickly that's important and   his special shot is also really decent koopa's 
special shot is the only one that's better because it's the furthest in the game 
outside of me's but me's are banned   so we don't talk about those uh probably no okay that was 
actually terrible what's up zosk i'll take that that's fine do want 
to save time on that but it's fine only one mistake technically this is time save let's go i want 20 seconds here 
i could get 30.

Ready i could get more than 30. what are we not talking about i already forgot 
wait it actually worked i actually forgot   let's not talk about that 
okay wait wait what was it   it's escaped my mind so quickly because of golf 
oh i messed this up last time that's what happened   have to be within half a second here exactly yeah 
okay i messed this up because my d-pad didn't work let's go dude not this time blowy joey even 
though it's not a blowy joey it's a typhoo   dude's trying to blow me into smithereens though 
we can't have that oh i got this crap though   okay that was close the hit box is on those 
things a little wonky blossom joseph it's true oh it's a little strange that's not what i wanted 
but i'll take it great i wanted one down right i'm already saving mondo time right now ready get there my dude oh my god let's go that sucks slightly slow actually pretty bad but   because i made the green i didn't 
have to have any extra text so that's helpful that's a frame off 
full power nice shot great a little short nice i wasn't sure about that that's good ready wow okay just a slight brushing of 
the tree means we still made it work   oh my gosh i don't even know what i'm 
doing how am i pulling this through nice huh what's up unknown lots of uh lots of roll lots of rolling ready that's best case yes great oh okay good somehow no mistakes on the front nine i 
don't know how but a lot of roll ready something about this category now that i'm getting 
to put all these courses together in one go   it definitely tests the ability to maintain 
your golf stature for nearly an hour and a half   it's a very unique uh category and 
how long you have to participate yeah i don't remember what to do 
here second time that's happened   i don't i don't know what's going wrong 
on this hole i can't remember what i use   what i do honestly i tried something different 
maybe i just need to lower i need to lower a 3-wood or something great 
i don't think i sync it so many pen shots nice not much me i'm having fun with the new update 
speed running hoodie i think this is good i   also created some new categories today for 
other runners to enjoy including all birdies   because we have a medal for that now this might be 
a little overcooked and also what happened there that's not making it excellent what the frick i'm getting annihilated here no good dude ready tried my hand jeez rolling and ending up 
in the worst place every time excellent i feel like the sink doesn't i feel 
like it wouldn't take long enough that's for hole 16.

Like i remember 
the whole 16 sink nice approach nice am i still gonna save time somehow ready slope here sometimes i'm still saving time oh 
i feel so bad come on i know i can do better nice approach just means the run is still decent ready didn't move enough to the right great so sub 38 blustery probably 
the benchmark of a decent run one two three right yep okay on to the normal 
courses you guys know these if you played   this game i'm gonna do the next four non-dlc 
courses in a row let me finish it out with some   with the par 3 courses and a 
different character but until then how were your thanksgivings somehow that was a second faster intriguing ready that should be good oh it's three top okay grind your turkey and eight laughters 
i think i had three days of leftovers   they still still weren't fully done i 
went i went to sans parents with them   so i was uh absent from streaming for a while nice it wasn't it was an interesting time of course i should add the caveat 
if you celebrate it did i say that   if i didn't say that i'm sorry 
i might have been slightly ready   be insensitive i usually say that but i might have 
been thinking about something else while i said it but yeah that was really good food great   decent time watched a bunch of 
game of thrones while i was there and played a bunch of runescape nice so i made the most of my time and i didn't end up having to miss him staying 
here instead go to my parents for christmas so   i'll be gone for another eight or nine days toward 
the end but i always spend new years with sand   so gotta be back here for that oh full 
top it dummy i guess it doesn't matter   thank you that was a close one that's 
for sure that almost didn't drop yes i don't want full top that 
no this is really not good cool okay nice alive oh i'm juicing this wild weather right now 
i'm happy with it this is good we're juicing   ready love to be oh juicing goodness excellent you burned out on runescape yeah i 
i'm i'm i'm maintaining it actually   i had my burnout month in october actually so explains why i did a lot of 
uh super rush ranked instead this should be okay maybe frame over nope frame under actually whoa okay 408 let's not throw this 
one in the garbage back nines i'd say slightly more difficult than front nine 
i meant to hold up in the middle but it's fine   i don't know would you say the back 
nine's harder than the front nine chris i think there are a lot of free holes but 
16 is not easy 13 is hard until you   know the frame of power to hit this 
hole can be a nightmare sometimes   tough to say 16 alone is carrying it 
right now i don't want a driver fudge okay great uncomfortable using the driver on this hole so i'm 
happy it worked for the second shot i mean ready horizontal component of that 
one sure took it far right gta rp i don't know i know nothing 
about that so i can't comment on it i think that's uh bad left misfit okay nice alive   uh thank you had to nail the 
pin otherwise that wouldn't work okay ready no far shot here go short excellent hello fur i'm doing so much golf 
and here i was thinking i was going to do   an all birdies run after this attempt 
because i wasn't happy with my first   dlc run i mean 122 is good so i'm kind of happy 
with it but you can see that i am a lot ahead   i wanted two arrows i don't know how i didn't get 
it i thought i was holding that the whole time but   i might have been a little touchy 
with it might be my problem ready   left pen again god dang it gosh dang it same thing i did last time   oh duh same thing i did last time thank you 
cool nice and then in all metals attempt yeah   let me just spin ten hours on this game five 
or six of which is just gonna be or six yeah   five of which is just gonna be literally grinding 
superstar characters sounds like a fantastic idea this is going to be a really good wild weather this be my goal my no dlc go if i birdie don't write okay cool i think i still 
make it with full power and right but 803 i think that beats it 
that's like a 7 30 9 or a 740   so pretty close that was a perfect wild weather 
i have plenty of time save on this course but i   have no time save and negative time save on the 
ones after these so i need a good buffer here and then i have 45 seconds 
on new donk so i need that dare i say i'm on sub 20 pace 
right now sub 120 nice huh i'm not i think i'm not quite on sub 120 pace   like i would have to have a 
perfect shell top or something i don't know nice huh 807 i don't know what my best is it 
would be in the no dlc world record   though because that's the last 
run i ever did of no dlc ready i like that i think it's definitely at best 
i think my best was like 806.

Hello orange dog what happened to this hello trying to kill me right now trying 
to take me out to the cleaners oh come on what are you doing game you are ready 
playing with me right now i'm getting nervous okay nice yeah that's the second time i've seen that 
pog shark thing is that what it's called that   global emo it's a global emo it's 
scary i don't know how to feel about it i feel like it's really new 
right i've never seen it   hog bones okay that's not a shark 
well it looks kind of like a shirt yeah i have no idea what that means 
here any so i am feeling good about that no idea what that is no jinx like the pokemon that's 
all i'm good for i'm sorry   i don't even know who jinx is okay i 
see are you ready for what arcane is i'm still clueless needed a 
little bit more juice here great oh my god i'm freaking out 403 though if 
i didn't mess that up that was definitely   right on the 403.

That's a perfect 
front nine as far as i'm concerned   oh it's because i have the eagle that's why so 
never mind it's not perfect it could be better oh i see so even twitch is adding 
global emotes because of it interesting well i mean if 
it's good then it's good i don't know i'm gonna roll oh 
i didn't roll oh my god this run nice this runs so good what the heck 
i'm pretty sure i roll in most of my   best segments for bon or balmy on that 
one it's balmy though low-key good i'm just gonna not screw this up i think i screwed it up get in there yes yes all right come on now i'm pogging a bit now i'm getting a little 
sweaty this is sweaty gaming now sweaty golfing better watch out i'm gonna the club's 
gonna slip right out of my hands it's like i'm at topgolf when i get 
sweaty then i'm nervous i'm gonna   i'm gonna eat the club and hit the dude next to 
me or something topgolf is scary man i don't want   to throw the club i'm gonna hurt someone if 
i do that even i even i have my own golf club   so i don't hit the i don't hit my strokes 
as hard as i can well i don't put like my   full thing into it because it's not 
about hitting it as hard as you can   but i don't put my full oomph into each shot 
trying to perfect my form and so forth because i'm   i'm thinking mostly about not 
you know decapitating someone oh my god why why why does that happen 
how did i press y three times why why why   literally you ready y times three 
i'm a good masher apparently yes holy [ __ ] this is a 2500 i don't think it's io pace did 
i have to yeah cuz i had to i had to chip right i don't know actually no oh fringe get the heck in there 
holy ball sack dude that was weird   imagine i make this i'll be though oh i would pop 
off please give me the albie i know you want to that was terrible now i'm going to lose it 752 so if i had to guess that was 
probably a 729 25 under holy crap yeah that's probably 752 i think that tie is 
my no dlc gold ready i am just vibing right now goodness this run is good if i'd 
actually don't fall apart it might have a   chance at sub 120 already kind of just destroy 
my long term goal with one run why the heck not nice we never know it could just happen   this is what happened in the last run 
why does it start raining on this hole this is good though rain is faster on this course   so i i want rain it's just might be a little 
harder to deal with here and there are you ready let's not throw them yeah this is good yeah this is a good start   because it's raining and that's a unique thing i'm 
actually on il redraw pace already matching the il so there is that very good if i remember correctly 
that is gotta remember the times yeah at least they did that right so of 
all the things they didn't do in the game   in this game at least they did that imagine nice huh simultaneously cursed and blessed 
definitely what dk has blursed in this game nice are you ready great why why do i keep getting super out of that ah 
that's messing up so many of my chips i need it   to not be super backspin but i need to hold b to 
speed the shot up so i keep pressing it too early no a bit of a sad miss there for sure   come on come on all right three 
seconds behind my uh nice split here ready spin again five seconds behind now what ow ready now is not the time trying to make back time not lose it are you ready i don't even know what this is going 
to do is it going to hit the thing that definitely looked a little sus i   it was pretty close i was pretty far left 
there it's a muffin good to see you again this time you will give it to me get in the 
tornado to anger it win did nothing there oh   this is i'm so stupid well this is definitely a 
throw yeah guess it's been a while since i had one   all right now i'm eight seconds fine oh i don't 
want to lose eight seconds on this dang ready okay don't do that stupid thing again on this one there we go that's better nice now just imagine how much more 
stressful all birdies will be that's what that's what i'm gonna subject 
myself to you know alongside this this category don't write message okay cool nice rough perfect and i don't like that very much it's 
a little hard nice huh a lot hard   no no dang it oh so bad i fricked 
it all up dude i messed up i beefed it oh my god a little extra bump from the dude because why not 
i probably under hit those i don't even remember   i don't remember how to use my special 
on this hole thankfully it worked nice i am mad dude i'm madge i got ridge 
cocked that's for sure take it three mistakes nothing went right for me there 
after the glorious balmy dunes yeah you know what's even worse is i forgot 
to change my chat on just this scene to j chat   and it's still the stupid streamlabs chat 
why is that there i don't i don't know why   that's there i should be having jay chat 
on my on my stream i've been using it that's the worst part so that seven tv emotes 
actually show up and i'm not   freaking using stream labs anymore i 
don't know how that snuck its way in   i thought i was using the same source on all of 
my scenes but apparently i'm not nice huh classic nice oh my god dude why is it raining 
on the second hole of every course   it's doing it again did this happen last run too   it was definitely raining here on ridge 
rock and bonnie what uh rng minute hello uh what great i do not know how that's happening i swear 
officer i'm not not illegally speed running i   have no idea how that's actually 
occurring though that's kind of wild i feel like it is a bit sauce 
you were right to sauce that but still like also you should 
be agreeing with me how it's not police the heck out of that i'm i'm scared of this rng i'm i'm a bit worried 
when did it stop raining on bonnie last time check the bot quickly all right what was the 
what was the ace that i got it was hole 16.

All   right so if i get all 16 ace then we're definitely 
we're definitely feeling a little weird toward it god these misfits are awful save me if you guys are new here i would recommend 
reading the panels below the stream you know   normally well usually a lot of people don't 
have very much in their panels below the stream   raise has a decent amount 
of stuff below stream panels   not a lot of people utilize twitch panels 
to the fullest extent if you're on mobile   click on the stream or tap on the stream then 
tap on the icon when that drop down shows up   tap on my channel avatar and then you go to the 
info tab while the players minimize that's how   you see the panels there or about whatever 
it's called now should be about or info i've got a lot of stuff there excellent 
if you'd like to see all of my   stuff that i've done i've been streaming since 

I have a lot to show you case in point   i think i messed this up last time bruce yeah bruce is there i actually had such a sick run going here 
with all this rain would have been so fast   oh that was so fast ready all right so i think 
that's gonna lose me about eight seconds to   my gold but since it's still raining i 
might be able to make some of that back nice huh nice i'm sure i'll try okay it's raining though what's happening here looking like seattle and bonnie greens right now can't say i've ever done that maybe if you're a bit sleepy i could understand it though oh i had right i didn't even have 
the power oh it's up i forgot how much   i had to put on that i had a perfect line 
there though i was really happy with that good stuff ready you know you guys watching 
thinking ranked is the real like leaderboard   here no this is the real leaderboard stop grinding 
ranked when it's pointless and start speed running this is how you show your true skill because 
there is no other barrier in this game once   you start doing it fast and well those are the 
only things you can do in this game fast and well   like there's nothing else to test 
you on it's just fast and one   score attack is the well part of that it's 
just one part of it like it works yeah it works oh my god it finally stopped raining what the heck   was that 13 holes of rain fast well 
and blindfolded okay you're right   i have done that for toadstool tour by 
the way i've beaten that game blindfolded nice huh speedway now you know i'll create an 
alternate switch profile so it doesn't mess   with the stats you're right citroes you caught 
me there i have done it blindfolded though so my portfolio checks out about eight seconds maybe nine seconds of timeless totally fine by me   wanted full power oh my god he's trying to kill me nice huh what if you grind rainfall supporting stream 
that's fine ready ranked i mean i'm not totally   against him oh i wanted to put myself further 
left then the wind would be straight on with this frame short no frame over what all right huge huge huge time save here 
huge massive just do it right please nice huh oh i gotta do this right song is ingrained yep yeah that starting 
music does get to you doesn't it dang it you can get it while speed running 
i'd be proud of you no what's that all right pitching wedge please that should work unless range thank you now we can continue on with our 
lives i'll go for the frame perfect hole 11.   come on hit the ball oh my god i'm losing it dudes   i think that would have gone and gone 
off the edge if it weren't raining   nice shout outs to friction also i wish it weren't 
raining again okay thank you ready wish granted if i had put the three top if i had put it   nice to be in a different world right now i 
am 10 seconds ahead already of my last run i don't like that okay nice huh i don't know what to do on hole 10 ready oh my god please nice maybe just maybe 
i'll just do a regular approach which   couldn't hurt too much frame perfect yep got it okay ready right miss it saved me there i knew 
i didn't move enough but i was scared excellent don't thank you oh god i don't like 
hole 15.

I hate all 15 dude please don't screw me   don't screw me excellent oh my god dude i want 
to do it just whack it no no no   no i'm putting i'm putting it dude the record is actually by pink ready 
oh no that's frame hard please work yes pink has a minus 31 on amateur dude look at this timestamp oh it's so good 
i screwed it up so bad might be but it's okay   we're about to get the time 
save ready it's glorious i don't know what happened there yeah it's super repetitive that's for sure oh my god don't do that i would have thrown away the 
120. all right here we go   i went the wrong way i'm stupid i can't 
read the slopes oh no i don't remember   it oh it's a five wood five wood 
okay got this what's happening no no of course dang it also frame hard nice no dang it the rain i don't need the rain right now got the that impact does so much i hate don't even have time to hold anything what's up 
have this is going to be a really solid run though   no major mistakes in this run at all again i did make a mistake but i alway 
i also got both of those chickens   oh i messed this hole up that was one now i'm over now i'm over correcting nice party how many pin shots plenty more than i'll ever need 120 is on the line though oh god wow all in one i over correct it again get 
in there oh nice bird okay nice ready no stop rolling i'm going for it okay 
nice look like the slopes cancel out there ready that was a bad shot nice approach nice last three holes and 
still 119 on the clock though   we might be seeing a lot of attempts like that so many pen shots nice this is a good run though holy crap okay i'll try yeah that probably wouldn't have worked nice this is doggy dog water yes good run that's a strong run my 
goodness a little sweaty after that one   oh man a little sweaty for that one 
that that was a strong strong run goodness wow feeling pretty dang good 
about that weakest splits are rookie spiky blustery ridge rock that's it yeah i didn't 
do very much i didn't make many mistakes here   and i had a glorious balmy and a comeback bowser   yeah i didn't i didn't make 
many mistakes man that is just   that's close it's why sub 120 probably is gonna 
be that's like an in-game goal but i'm actually   really happy with this run already you know when i 
think about it i don't really oh the wild weather   was really good too is perfect when i think about 
i don't really know where to even save the time   besides spiky and rookie but even those don't 
have much anymore good grief and we're trucking   wow that's a that's a really good run 
thank you western yeah really awesome

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