Can the AMVR VR GOLF GRIP make you better at WALKABOUT MINI GOLF?

Oh it's gonna go in! Oh it is too! That is wonderful! This is the latest VR golf club 
grip from AMVR for your Quest 2   that promises to increase your immersion 
when playing golfing games and also improve   your gameplay whilst you're at it. 
Well, does it live up to the hype? Well what better way to review this 
than also to review Walkabout Mini Golf.   One of the best selling 
games on the Quest platform. So when you first start up the game you are gonna 
see this as your main menu. Now all of your main   courses are across here. Now you can see there are 
eight courses across the top. When you first start   only those are available, and those are the easy 
modes, or the normal modes. When you finish each   of these it also opens up eight hard modes, 
which are also night modes, underneath.

Pretty   much the same course except all the obstacles have 
changed. So same course but a lot more difficult. Also on the right hand side you'll be able to 
see all these downloadable content. So these are   additional golf courses that you can download. 
Each one of these only costs $3 to download and   essentially you get two courses for the same 
price. I definitely recommend checking out the   Jim Henson's Labyrinth one which they've 
just released. If you've seen the movie,   lots of in-movie references in that 
game and it's definitely worth playing. You can play each golf hole on its own or you 
can do multiplayer. You can do a quick match   which will sync you up with anybody online 
to have a little one-on-one gaming session.   Or you can set up a private game where up to 
eight players can all play in a game together.

As well as all those holes you can also 
customize your avatar as well which is over here. Now on top of it just being a golfing 
game there's a couple of extras here   as well. See all these balls that I've got 
in front of me? Now you collect these in the   golfing game. So on every easy mode across the 
top here there are hidden balls on every hole.   Lots of collectibles to go and check from. And you 
can choose whichever ball you want to play with.

On top of that you can also get customized 
golf clubs as well. So on the hard settings   you can do a “fox hunt” where you have 
to go and follow a whole set of clues   and by the end of it, if you’ve solved all 
the clues, you will go and find a hidden   golf club. So I've got a couple here. I'll go 
through and show you how some of that works too. Now I am just using the controller 
here. I'm not using the golf grip yet.   So we're just going to see how the 
game plays just using the controller. Now you just use a trigger and that 
takes you to where your ball is. In a sea of shoot-‘em-ups 
and zombies and rhythm games,   this really is a welcome change. 
Chill out by the sea and play golf. So you get the idea. It's nice.

It's relaxing. 
If you do play with someone else online,   generally, it's just you taking 
turns with the other person. But it's…it just plays well. Plays a lot better than I play! It just plays really naturally. Unfortunately naturally I kind of suck at it! I found a hidden ball! So for all my bad shooting, or bad putting, 
it's actually helped me find a ball! So more the same and different…oh come on 
there was no reason for that to go up there! OK, maybe not quite so hard. Let's get that in. There you go. Nice and easy. All right let's get this 
hole-in-one. Come on you can do this… oh come on! That would have been awesome. Yeah but a hole-in-one would have been good. Oh! Ball! Where's the ball gone? See, got to keep your eyes open! You actually seem to spend, once 
you know where the balls are,   once you know that you need to go and 
hide or find balls, you find yourself   trying to find the balls more than 
you do actually playing the game.

In you go. Go on! Go on… GO ON! That's awesome! There you go. On video. 
Hole-in-one! That is awesome. It does feel as good as that you get 
a hole in one in proper mini putt. Love this game. It's great see we're still five under. So 
we still did really well. So here you go.   Here's the map. Here's all the holes you 
can go and go back and have a look at them.   If you wanted to. Other than that there's 
a goal. So the ticks are every lost ball we   found. So obviously there's lots that 
we didn't find but you get the idea. So now if we go back to the main menu. 
If you want to go into the harder holes   then you can go and do the fox hunt where 
you can try and find all the clues to go   and unlock these special clubs that are 

Here's all the balls that we found   out on the course coming in to 
join my collection of balls. Sorry, that was really juvenile. 😀 There you go. Lots and lots and lots of balls 
to choose from. Where's me yellow? I do like   the yellow. So now if you go on to the harder 
ones and you want to go and do a fox hunt. Now if you point at that arrow 
and hold down with the joystick… These are your clues. So it now starts to show 
you where the next clue is going to be. So again,   you're looking for the sword as you go around 
the course under this statue thing here.   Or, what you can do is you can go into the 
god mode, so you need to go and press the   ‘A’ button on your right controller, 
if you're using your right controller.

Now you can see the map. So now if you can 
see anything that looks like the statue that   I'm looking at here. which. That looks exactly 
like the statue that we're looking at here. So   if I press down on the joystick. Sorry, up 
on the joystick. I can navigate over there   and here's the statue we're looking for, and 
there's the next sword. So that now gives us the   next clue to where the next sword is going to be. 
Now you keep doing that through the whole course,   obviously while playing golf.

It is really easy to 
lose track of the fact that you are playing golf   because you become obsessed with finding all the 
clues here. So now we're looking for an archway.   Hmm. Go back to the map and see if there's 
anywhere that looks like the archway. Oh is it that? That looks about right.   There you go. So hole number four. Up with 
a joystick. Let go. There's your sword. Right, so now we've got to 
find the sword in the stone…  Huh, there's a pun! So there we have it that is Walkabout Mini Golf! 
It's really fun to play. Really easy to play with   the controller. Now let's see if the golf grip 
actually makes any difference to your gameplay. So connecting your controller to the golf grip 
is actually pretty easy. Doesn't really need any   special attachments or special tools.

Simply take 
the controller and take the lanyard that's here   and you have to thread that through the hole 
that's in the bottom of the top of the golf   grip here. Let me just go and do that. So that 
just goes through like this. Once that's through,   put your controller in. Loop the bottom of this 
strap around this hook. So once you've then got   that you can push this up and then twist and then 
it wraps the wrist strap around the grip itself. So now you've got the controller, it's really 
firmly locked in place, and that's it. That is   it assembled. It will actually work with both 
the left and the right controller so it doesn't   matter whether you’re left or right handed you 
can use either controller to put in the golf grip.

You can even adjust this. So this is the shortest 
length that you can find. However, if you   unscrew the base you can then push this all the 
way out. You can push it all the way out to about   67 centimeters now. For that you've got something 
now is definitely more resembling a golf club. To   be honest though I honestly wouldn't use it this 
far extended mainly because I tried and then I hit   my wall, I hit my fireplace, it just swings way 
too far out of any boundary setting I had. If your   actual playing space is big enough then yes do it 
because it does feel more like a golf club. But I   would definitely recommend that for most people 
you want it to be as short as you possibly can. That still allows you to get the feel 
of a golf club but without the length. The handle itself is nice and strong as well. 
The plastic, or the rubber, on the handle feels   nice and strong.

Feels very durable as well 
so I expect it to last for a while to come. So now let's go play this and see what 
it's like to play in Walkabout Mini Golf. So I’ll play this first round and what you'll 
find is because your stick is long and your   control is now further away from your hand that 
your putter in game is now really small because   it adjusts depending upon where the controller is. 
The controller is relative to the ground. Also the   angle doesn't quite feel about right. There is an 
easy way to fix this though. So in the settings,   in that the angle is set 15 degrees by default. 
If you have a golf grip like this you will need   to adjust it to about 40 degrees for the 
angle of the putt to feel more natural. So let's just go and try… Oh now it feels completely different now. The 
weight of the controller feels a lot heavier so   you have to find that you swing a lot harder to 
get the same forcefulness of shot.

Now you have   to press the trigger to go to the next hole as 
well. So you can't just keep your hands here.   You'll have to keep touching the controller to 
go to the next hole. Which I actually don't mind. Doesn't really cause much of an issue for me.
That was too hard. That was so close. A little bit softer.
Oh that was too soft.  Oh it's still going.

Well that was handy. Let's just go across the bridge. Now I will say that playing with it, it definitely 
feels more like a golf club. You do feel   like you're playing mini golf with a golf club 
as opposed to just the controller. You feel   like it will feel like you're just clasping your 
hands like this. It doesn't feel like a club so   this definitely helps with 
the immersion of playing golf.   Although not my ability of playing good golf. Oh I thought that was going to go in. See it's not helping my ability to play golf.   Now I would actually blame that more 
on me than I would on the accessory. I have played this for a while with 
this accessory and there's definitely   a learning curve from switching 
from just the controller to this   but I think you can get just as good with   a controller as you can with 

At least in mini golf. So I think I'm going to leave it at that. 
You kind of get an idea of what it's like   to play with just the putter, 
with the controller. Oh that was   good. Let me just stick around for 
putting that because that was good. There you go. So this is playing with the golf grip. 
You've seen me playing without it. Oh, can I just do this one? I do like 
this one. See, this is the problem with   this game because you just keep going. 
Go. Go. Go. Go. Oh that was beautiful. You just want to keep playing one more. One more. Oh that was appalling. …and one more. That's just so satisfying to play. Get in there! So the scenery is lovely, and 
this applies to all the levels.   It is very simple graphics but that 
really doesn't matter in a game like this. It's just really nice to play. Ricochet off the wood. Oh is it gonna? Go in! Oh it is too! That is wonderful! There is nothing more satisfying 
than getting a hole in one.   That was awesome.

So that's the course finished 
so let me know in the comments down below how   you think I did. Do you think I played better 
with the VR golf club grip or better without it? I've actually enjoyed playing with it and I 
also enjoy playing without it as well because,   quite frankly, Walkabout Mini 
Golf is a really good game. So should you buy them? Well, Walkabout Mini 
Golf is an awesome game. In a sea of Battle   Royales and rhythm games and zombies, it's just a 
refreshing change. Plus you can play on your own,   you can play with some mates, you 
can team up with random people online   and just have a good time. At only $15 
it's pretty much a no-brainer purchase and   really should be one of your must-have 
game buyers for the Quest 2 platform.

The golf grip however I 
think is a different story. Does it add to your immersive gameplay in game 
and make you feel like you're holding a golf club? Yes, yes it does. Does it give you a competitive 
advantage over whoever you're playing? Well, not really. Is it expensive? Absolutely! This is $80 and for something 
that's quite a niche product   I just think that's too expensive. 
If it was about half the price then   I might think about it. However, for $80 there 
are just better things that you could buy with it. You could buy two or three new 
games on the Quest platform to play. You could go and buy a new facial interface 
and a new head strap for about the same price. Those two purchases are definitely far 
more compulsory than this is. Now I have   done reviews of a number of those on my 
channel so be sure to go to my channel   and check those reviews out 
if you're interested in those. Get Walkabout Mini Golf 
though. It is an awesome game. Thanks for watching. I hope you've enjoyed it.

consider subscribing if you're not. And as always… I'll see you in the next one!.

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