Awesome Golf Simulator UPDATE! NOW Garmin R10 Compatible! (First Look & Review)

What's up everybody welcome back to golf simulator 
videos we're here today with the awesome golf   simulator software but now paired with the Garmin 
r10 portable golf launch monitor so this golf   launch monitor has become very popular with its 
low price point but now offering more software   options i think it's going to be bringing a lot 
of value to the table i want to give you guys a   first look at the awesome golf simulator software 
some of the different features show it in action   with the Garmin r10 but make sure you check out 
our other videos in the channel covering awesome   golf because i go into each segment in detail but 
we're gonna give you a nice good overview of the   features today and you'll be able to see it paired 
up with the Garmin r10 all right for demonstration   demonstration purposes but let's talk a little bit 
about the connectivity which i was very impressed   with so awesome golf actually made an assistant 
app to connect the Garmin r10 to the software   very easy to use okay so you download in this 
case I'm using the pc software there's also iOS   software available so if you're looking to go 
mobile all right they do have apps available   but you download the Garmin app on your phone 
which you probably already have you open that up   then you open up this awesome golf assistant app 
all right and it basically when your phone is   obviously paired with that Garmin app it just hits 
connect and sync and there's a qr code on your pc   you scan it it syncs them together and you're good 
to go i was very impressed that they were able to   come up with a connectivity type process that 
was that simple so understand that it is very   simple to connect to pc if you're looking to do 
that that's what we'll be using today so let's   go ahead and just dive right in and show you 
guys a bunch of the features and the Garmin r10   in action with the awesome golf simulator 
software so the first thing i'd like to do   is i would like to look at range now there are 
several different things available if you're   just looking to do shot by shot for your practice 
session approach shots club distances or coaching   all right i'd like to start off with shot by shot 
they have overview and detail overview obviously   just gives you a nice brief overview of everything 
and then you can also go into detail which gives   you all kinds of data i think we should start with 
detail obviously i can't cover everything today   and here we go so because i was setting everything 
up my launch monitor my Garmin r10 went into a   sleep mode all i have to do is just tap the button 
real quick on the back of it and i'm good to go   alright i like how it does that it saves battery 
i'm going to be hitting a pitching wedge to kind   of start things off here and then you'll see that 
we are ready for the first shot at this point so   um there are different views you can use for the 
range if you're looking to change different views   to look at your shot there are some different 
settings as far as like firmness of the ground   how the ball is going to react all right but 
you know simple range let's just go ahead   and hit a shot down there so you guys can 
see the data coming in and what it looks like all right not too bad of a shot to start things 
off pushed it just a little bit to the right but   uh right on for my pitching wedge 128 yards 
you can see all of your different ball data   and then down at the bottom uh below the uh the 
spin data and the spin access you're gonna see   path face and face to target okay so that's 
where it's coming up with uh you know that   shot you know going a little bit to the right the 
spin axis was point six to the right alright so   very very simple range overview if you wanted to 
you can go up here to these camera views and you   can actually look at different views of the shot 
alright so something simple to do there details   you can you can switch to overview while you're 
in the detail view if you'd like to so it's kind   of nice it's like on the fly all right details 
obviously giving you a ton of different things   you can turn a flag on if you want to at certain 
distances all right so know that you can do that   and then that's pretty much a good overview 
of the range you can see all of this it's   going to give you all your shots down here 
and they're actually going to be releasing   an update i don't think it's out yet but you can 
actually review all of the data after your session   now what i would like to do is go back 
to range for a second and go to coaching   because obviously there are a lot of coaches 
that are using the software especially   you know for younger kids let alone adults let's 
just you could type in you know pitching wedge   um Callaway if you wanted to things like that 
okay let's let's just do that there we go perfect   and then notice how you can add 
different clubs that you're working on   you can look at single shots all shots all of this 
but what i was getting at is is that the software   can be very fun for kids that was their goal 
was to set out for the younger generation   they have fun games and things like that 
it's easy to use and it's affordable too   now if i want to check this out while i'm in 
the coaching session i can actually blow this   up all right and then it's waiting for a first 
shot so let's just go ahead and take a first shot   notice how the one range was centered it 
just depends on what you're trying to do i hit that just a little 
bit thin i don't think it's   a big miss by any means but just a little 
bit thin pulled it just a little bit   all right notice how this is actually taking off 
really fast even though i have the connectivity   going through my phone i was impressed 
i mean they're using this awesome golf   amazon server to do all this connection and it's 
i mean you're talking a very very short delay so   i wanted to point that out that's something 
that you should know that is impressive you   know as far as that connectivity now check 
this out you can actually pause for a second   go to your student and say hey understand you're 
coming a little bit from the inside all right your   face to path your horizontal launch it's giving 
you different graphical representation here and   you can actually i should blow that back up you 
can actually go through all right the different   graphics to actually understand what was going on 
all right depending on the data that's available   in the launch monitor and then you could 
also go to your shot statistics blow that up   it's going to give you all your different data 
so obviously a little more detailed for a coach   to be able to use so i thought that would 
be a great thing to show you guys challenges   closest to the pin longest drive target golf and 
skills challenge i'm not gonna do a challenge   today just because it takes time but know that 
that's there shootouts this is great for the   family great for anybody i mean it's a lot of fun 
this is their latest one to get it in the hole   let's play that we'll just do medium i showed 
this in one of uh the more more recent videos   an update that they did they keep adding things 
they're adding different you know like different   virtual golf courses uh they're adding a lot 
so let's see here 59 yards you can drag the   aim anywhere you want the goal in this game is 
your ball is kind of like a bomb almost all right   so you send it out there and where it lands 
it's going to open up the hole anything you   get in it is going to give you points for so 
let's go see if we can hit about 60 yards or so oh that could be pretty good but yeah it 
bounces off the buildings there we go all   right yeah the goal is to hit the ground and then 
everything falls in so um this can be a lot of fun   like i said you can drag to aim all right so if 
you wanted to go for this city over here all you   have to do is just use your mouse or if you're 
on an ipad device you can see that that's still   you know 50 or so yards let's hit one more see if 
i can take a little bit of distance off this time oh i didn't hit that that clean though is 
it going to get there yeah it's not bad   there you go and then all the buildings fall in 
you get the points for that so can be a lot of fun   to go back and forth to players if you want to um 
so adding some different games to the Garmin r10   and like i said there are different ones alright 
you have super splash i'll just kind of try to   show you that really quick all these are in my 
other videos so make sure you check those out   alright same type of situation you're chipping 
in and uh and getting points all right really   designed for the whole family which can be a lot 
of fun competitions let's jump there really quick   competitions are online competitions now so 
you can see that they've actually completed   some closest to the pin the wrecking balls and 
then now they have these live so they're actually   bringing online competitions with leaderboards 
i think that's great as far as the range goes i   really wanted to show you approach shots this 
is one of my favorites and i'm sorry i kind of   skipped ahead there i forgot about this for 
a second i'm glad that i remembered and i'm   going back to it because check this out approach 
shots is really cool let's just go to 120 yards   well we have our pitching wedge you can adjust 
the firmness of the green all right let's say we   want a little bit softer alright depending on 
what you're used to or what you're working on   grab a pitching wedge 120 yards see 
if i can not hit this thin this time look at this look at this oh it 
spun back a little bit with the soft   the soft green i love the action i love the 
action so then you get all your data at the   bottom still so you can be out here hitting 
targets and you have good data all right so   just uh know that it's very simple to use 
you know if you're trying to hit targets   and there's there's a ton of targets i mean 
check this out there's another 125 let's see   here's here's an island green all right let's 
hit an island green really quick 125 yards oh whoops it wasn't ready yet did you 
hear the the beep that's my bad so it   lets you know when the Garmin unit's ready all 
right so i got a little ahead of myself there i was probably waggling my club too much there it goes i crisped that pretty uh 
pretty well so it might be a little deep   can it spin back though oh there we go in the 
target seven feet i hit that well you can see   the spin got a little bit higher 7 500.

right so i wanna show let's see here there's   virtual golf which i won't play but i wanna show 
it at least so let's go to virtual golf because   obviously we're running a little uh 
further into the video than i wanted   to but so you have spring park hills island 
beach desert canyon and valley pines okay so   these are all really really awesome courses that 
you can go out and play let's just see if we can   play a hole really quick hole one stroke play 
individual we won't do a shot countdown timer   um you can do mulligans if you want to uh pentagon 
let's go short because then we can just play a uh   and iron because i haven't hit a driver yet 
today and i'm not going to injure my back   all right i'm going to sit play golf really quick actually uh for those of you that watch 
channel a lot i injured my back a couple   years ago and i love the flyovers uh and 
i've been having that issue kind of pop   back up again so i want to be careful 
oh and of course what does it do it uh   279 yard hole or par 5 to start things 
off oh geez here we go well let's just uh   let's just hit a five iron down there that way 
you guys will get some uh good examples anyway   and then if you yeah it's it's right at the pin 
so short teas playing the junior cheese here I'd love you guys to comment below and let me 
know what you think any questions that you have   are you using Garmin r10 are you looking for it 
oh that's going to be pulled i knew that was going   left i mean it's not going to hurt me but i knew 
right away that was going to be pulled all right   that's okay though and you can see too which is 
kind of cool so there's your data that comes up   instant replay all right whatever you're looking 
for 76 yards so i'm gonna grab my 58 you can see   there's wind in the upper left i have a perfect 
lie there are penalties which is pretty cool just a tiny bit downhill you could hear that uh   noise go off again showing that i'm 
ready i jumped the gun on that one pushed a little bit oh man it was a pretty good 
distance too a little bit of spin a little bit   of checkup and then i eagled it of course from the 
junior tees but uh so that's i mean you can go out   and play virtual golf now as a Garmin r10 user and 
that's why i wanted to leave a couple minutes here   at the end to explain some things to you guys 
awesome golf doesn't have putting it's you know   it's gimmes within the circle okay or outside 
of it it's going to autopilot you so your goal   is just to get it up on the green so it really 
works out well for a Garmin r10 user Garmin r10   doesn't offer putting okay i've mentioned that in 
other videos I still get that question a lot so it   really works out well you can go out and play some 
more virtual golf um not worrying about putting   all right so i really like you guys to comment 
below let me know you think questions you have   if you're looking to purchase a Garmin r10 or any 
golf simulator hardware software make sure you   shoot me an email i always pin it to the top of 
the comments and it's in the description i'll try   to do some more awesome golf coverage i mean this 
thing just got released i literally downloaded it   got it all hooked up and we're demonstrating 
it for you guys so i'll dig in a little more   if i find some additional things that i 
want to show you guys or if you want to see   something else make sure you comment below and 
let me know and i'll try to demonstrate it for   you so one thing to note really quick i am on the 
Garmin 3.8 latest firmware if you don't have the   latest firmware i suggest that you download it 
i have people ask that often um you know how do   i update it whatever maybe there's a Garmin app 
for your computer that makes it very very simple   where you just plug it in and download the 
firmware but i am on the latest 3.8 firmware   um and this has been the awesome golf simulator 
software with the Garmin r10 portable golf   launch monitor as always i appreciate you guys 
watching stay tuned we'll have more coming soon.

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